Jones hit by US lawsuit


US TV producer and creator of the popular animated TV series The Simpsons, Matt Groening, has launched legal action against Sydney radio shock jock Alan Jones.

The surprise suit lodged today in a Los Angeles court alleges Jones has “unfairly benefited in a personal and commercial sense” by blatantly imitating a major character in The Simpsons, Montgomery Burns.

6555919-lionel_hutz“It will be alleged that the similarities between Mr Jones  and the character of Mr Burns are so great and so longstanding as to be far from coincidental,” said Lionel Hutz, the leader of Mr Groening’s legal team (pictured) outside the court after lodging the claim.

“We are alleging that Mr Jones has deliberately passed himself off as Mr Burns both in looks and behaviour for several decades.

“Both are extremely rich, hold extreme right-wing views which they propagate whenever and wherever possible, are seemingly immune to criticism, and cannot open their mouths without saying something offensive.”

When asked what the prospects of success were for the claim, Mr Hutz said “Excellent!”, before adding “Oops”.