Close down this ‘shit rag’: Andrew Bolt


Australia’s most-read-and-watched columnist Andrew Bolt has called for authorities to take “whatever steps are available and necessary to close down The Bug immediately”.

A livid Bolt told his Bolt Report audience on Network 10 and Sky News Australia overnight that his spies had alerted him to “another imminent attack on my good, kind and innocent friend George Pell by this scurrilous so-called satirical online publication”.

It was also the subject of a vitriolic column by Bolt across News Corpse mastheads around Australia this morning.

On his TV show, his face purple with barely contained rage, his body shaking with fury and hardly able to spit out the words he wanted to form, Bolt said he was reluctant to even detail “the cheap and nasty shot” that The Bug planned to publish in a “never-ending series of character assassinations against a fine and decent Australian”.

“It’s a complete beat-up suggesting His Grace is somehow profiting from the disgraceful miscarriage of justice that’s seen him behind bars.

“It’s just another example of the undergraduate, potty humour that this publication thrives on. It will write anything to get noticed,” Bolt stormed.

“I’ve got no idea who these johnny-come-latelies to so-called humour writing are but maybe I wouldn’t mind so much if they were the least bit funny like The Shovel, the Betoota Advocate, The Chaser, the UnAustralian and The Courier-Mail some times are.

“The stuff The Bug spews out is just despicable, especially their campaign of hatred against a fine man of the cloth whom I love and admire very, very much,” Bolt shouted.

“They’ve even run fake news stories suggesting that Cardinal Pell might have a propensity to lie down with other men, a disgraceful slur on a man who has devoted an entire life of celibacy to God’s blessed works here on earth.

“Make no mistake, people, once my good and close friend George Pell is cleared by the High Court – and heaven’s above, don’t we all want – and desperately need – our faith in the Australian judicial system restored – I hope His Grace takes this disgraceful shit rag for every cent it’s got.”

FOOTNOTE: The Bug’s worldwide scoop on George Pell’s latest indiscretion will be published online at 11am this morning.