Royal spanner in the works

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In a top-secret operation UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered Scotland Yard to undertake an urgent nationwide search to track down Her Majesty the Queen after she went into hiding in an effort to avoid playing her part in his controversial suspension of the British Parliament.

Yesterday Mr Johnson announced he would advise Her Majesty to prorogue or suspend the parliament which means MPs would have drastically fewer opportunities to question him on his Brexit manoeuvring.

The tactic has been criticised by MPs in all political parties as an attempt by Mr Johnson to avoid scrutiny and raise the chances of a potentially severe “no deal” Brexit.

My sources within Buckingham Palace have told me Her Majesty was upset at the PM’s plans and made it known that she sided with the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, who has described it as a “constitutional outrage” and has vowed to fight the suspension.

“Her Majesty knows that as a constitutional monarch she must accept the PM’s advice and act accordingly,” one source told me.

“But she is no fan of Boris Johnson’s and she knows that if she cannot be contacted, she cannot grant his request.

“So when she was told of his plan she is believed to have hot-footed it out of the palace without even telling her personal staff and advisers.

“She was seen by gardeners scampering out of the palace’s back door, running through its gardens, and scaling the back fence.

“She was then unwittingly photographed by a tourist while she was queuing for a bus in Grosvenor Place (main picture).

queen on bus“She jumped on a number 15 bus to Tower Hill (pictured) and after that we’re not really sure where she went.

“Boris Johnson directed Scotland Yard to scour all of the royal residences but for several hours Her Majesty could not be found, so the PM was very concerned that her plan may have worked,” the source said.

My royal sources also told me that Mr Johnson convened an urgent meeting of Britain’s leading constitutional lawyers at 10 Downing Street to find a way around Her Majesty’s absence in the event she couldn’t be located.

My sources also tell me Prince Charles also sought urgent constitutional legal advice as to how long his mother must be “missing” before he could seize the British crown.

However, within several hours Her Majesty was located in a Canning Town cinema that specialises in Indian films watching a Bollywood musical.

It is understood the Queen put up some resistance but was eventually persuaded to return to Buckingham Palace in an unmarked police car where she dutifully signed the necessary paperwork for the Prime Minister.