Justice Bolt lashes Pell ruling

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Jurist demands cleric’s immediate release

Australia’s most senior jurist, Mr Justice Andrew Bolt, has declared former Catholic Archbishop George Pell should be set free despite losing his appeal against his conviction last year on child sex charges.

“Today’s Appeal Court decisions means nothing,” Justice Bolt said as he delivered a ferocious tongue-lashing to the two appellant judges who ruled against Australia’s highest ranking cleric.

“George Pell is innocent and will remain so as far as I am concerned. That means  he should be set free immediately.

“I declared his innocence at the time of his conviction. I didn’t need to be in court to hear the case against him, or his defence arguments.

“Everyone knows that’s not how our justice system works. I based my findings of innocence on my knowledge of George Pell and my longstanding support for him in the face of a vicious and totally unfounded smear campaign against him by vexatious litigants pretending to have been abused.

“I am shocked and dismayed that the Victorian Appeal Court has ignored my directions from the bench.

“This is a decision that should be overturned immediately based solely on my say-so,” Justice Bolt said.

God makes a statement

In wake of the George Pell appeal decision God has issued a simple statement saying: “See, I do exist.”

oprah godGod (pictured) said she had been concerned of late at the apparent loss of faith in Her very existence.

“But I always play the long game, and I knew that ultimately I would be vindicated.”

God said George Pell was now free to appeal today’s decision to the High Court of Australia.

“But let’s not forget that whatever the High Court decides, there’s another, even higher court George must ultimately face and I’ll be waiting for him there,” God said.

Support in high places

Former prime minister John Howard says he is more than happy to provide a glowing supportive statement as to the cardinal’s decency and honesty, should Pell take an appeal to the High Court.

And in Melbourne, newspaper columnist Miranda Devine said she would stage a candlelight vigil outside Pell’s prison tonight to protest “against this disgraceful miscarriage of justice against a clearly innocent man of the cloth and one of God’s truly wonderful creations here on earth”.

She said she had a spare candle should anyone wish to join her.