Alan Jones apologises


Sydney radio shock jock Alan Jones has apologised on air for an embarrassing comment he made during this week’s Pacific Islands Forum.

During his program Mr Jones claimed that Mr Morrison had treated Pacific island leaders with the contempt they deserved for trying to bully and embarrass Australia over its climate-change policies.

SONY DSC“I congratulate the Prime Minister (pictured) for showing his contempt for their bleating about non-existent climate change by using the Snapchat flower crown filter on his social media posts from the forum,” Mr Jones began.

“Good on you ScoMo,” Mr Jones told his listeners. “That’s the way to treat these whingers.

“I mean it’s not many years ago these people were living under palm trees, wandering around in nothing but lap-laps, sleeping under coconut trees, and boiling up any visitors to their islands in cooking pots to eat.

“Now they attack Australia, their biggest source of foreign aid, when they should be thanking us for all we’ve done for them.

“Someone should shove a sock down each one of their throats and then take them out to sea and dump them in a chaff bag.”

Mr Jones later took to his microphone to apologise, saying he was not aware the floral crown Mr Morrison wore at the forum was a real floral garland and not an electronically added Snapchat filter.

“I am sorry, Prime Minister, for getting that wrong,” he said.

“But I remain very, very angry at critics who have wilfully misrepresented exactly what I originally said on this matter.”