Trump denies parade politicking

AMERICAN POLITICSWASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has rejected claims he will use a controversial military parade on American Independence Day as part of his re-election campaign.

Political opponents of Mr Trump claim the event, involving a massive parade through Washington DC and a speech by the President at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, was a personal political vanity project for the President.

“It’s nothing more than a thinly veiled re-election campaign event for the President, an unnecessary waste of taxpayers’ funds, and will politicise the nation’s armed forces,” a spokesperson for the Democratic Party said.

But Mr Trump, speaking at the Washington Mall while rehearsing his role leading the parade (main picture), denied the claims.

“It’s just sour grapes. Take a look around,” he said pointing skyward at a rehearsal flight by the US Force’s aerial acrobatic squadron, the Thunderbirds (pictured).

TRUMO SKYSIGN“There’s no politics, no politics at all. No way. This is simply a celebration of how great our armed forces really are and I’m pleased as President to be leading the parade on Hillary, my favourite horse.

“I’m also pleased to be able to address our nation from the Lincoln Memorial which holds many dear memories for me and I’m sure for many Americans.

“I had a Lincoln once. Damn fine car. Kept going for years. Made me proud to be an American. The kinda car we’re gonna be building again real soon in yuge numbers once we lift tariffs to stop cheap imports,” Mr Trump said.