Lambie to the slaughter


A leading Australian body language expert has blasted a media performance this morning by Tasmanian independent Senator Jacqui Lambie.

Professor Seymour Tells from the behavioural sciences unit at Launceston TAFE claimed Ms Lambie “was clearly lying through clenched teeth” throughout an appearance on ABC’s Radio National morning program that was also screened on ABC TV’s News Breakfast program.

The Bug asked Prof. Tells: “You’ve made quite an accusation there.

“Is your lying claim based on the facts that despite all her bravado and threats against the Morrison government during the recent campaign and over recent days, Senator Lambie’s eyes stayed downcast and she did not look up once during this morning’s interview (pictured above)?”

“And that she waffled on and on and appeared totally unsure as to what she thinks she had gained for Tasmania’s homeless in exchange for her vote on the three-stage income tax legislation, saying she was acting “in good faith” and with no set deal in place?”

“Not really,” Prof Tells said. “What gave it away for me that she was lying through her teeth is that she is, when all is said and done, just another politician.”

Below: Senator Lambie, right, walks across the Parliament House lawns with an unnamed Centre Alliance Senator after negotiations on the income-tax legislation with Finance Minister Mathias Cormann.