It’s all in the messaging!


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By The Bug’s National Affairs Editor 

New Leader of the House in the re-elected Morrison government, Christian Porter, has scoffed at suggestions that the government will be basically a policy-free zone once and if its income tax changes are passed into law.

In an exclusive interview with The Bug, Mr Porter who is also Attorney General, said: “Our legislative agenda is packed solid with new laws that will greatly benefit ‘Mum and Dad’ Australians.

“I can assure you the current Treasury Laws Amendment (Tax Relief so Working Australians Keep More of Their Money) Bill now before the Senate won’t be the last.

“We have many fine pieces of legislation in the pipeline and I’m almost certain all of these were mentioned at some time during the 2019 election campaign so we clearly have a mandate to bring them in.”

Mr Porter said a tranche of new laws to be brought before the House of Representatives in the current parliamentary sitting included:

Religious Freedoms (We’ve Got the Happy Clappers On Side, Now Let’s Keep Them) Bill 2019

Future Drought Fund (How Good Are Our Farmers? — Even Though Labor Wants to Kill Off The Family Farm And Rip The Heart Out Of The Bush As They Always Do) Bill 2019

Taxation Act Amendment (From The Only Side of Politics That Has Ever Managed Economies Well Since Federation) Bill No.1 2019

Taxation Act Amendment (Because If You Have a Go, You’ll Get A Go) Bill No.2 2019

 Taxation Act Amendment (Because When Labor Runs Out of Its Own Money, It Always Comes After Yours) Bill No. 3 2019

Taxation Act Amendment (If Labor Blocks This, Thousands Of Battlers On Only $199,999 A Year Will Pay More Tax) Bill No.4 2019

Border Security Act Amendments That Are All So Crucial Because Make No Mistake (The Boats will Resume Under Labor Because Albanese, Anthony Is Even More Left Wing Than Shorten,) Bill

Standardisation of National Wild Fire Mitigation Procedures (We’re Back-Burning for Australia!) Bill, and the

National Regulations Concerning Tissue Strengths for all Toilet Paper Manufacturers Domestic or Foreign (And, Boy, Didn’t We Wipe Labor’s Arse At The Election When Just About Everybody Wrote Us Off!) No2. Bill 2019.