Revealed: Why the Oz axed Newspoll!

theaust front page 010719 web


The Bug can reveal exclusively that the first post -May 18 election Newspoll was pulled at the death on Sunday night by editors at The Australian worried that the results were possibly “too accurate” to be taken seriously.

Above is the nearly completed splash for Monday’s edition of Australia’s best national tabloid broadsheet by far. The Bug understands the presses were set to roll when the decision to abort the edition was made.

This paper has learned that a number of News Corp staff stepped forward, eagerly offering and proud as punch they were to get the chance to write “for the old man” fresh pro-Morrison government articles for the front and inside pages.

According to our Holt Street spies, the paper’s editors were so stung by well-founded criticisms that the election-eve Newspoll was so far out – it had Labor leading the LNP 51.5% to 48.5% when the actual result a day later was practically the reverse – that they requested their pollsters to change their methodologies to prevent that from ever happening again.

The pollsters did indeed change tack and in their field work from last Wednesday to Saturday, the 1643 people canvassed were asked general questions first, before the crucial questions such as “Who will you be voting for?” and “Who do you prefer as PM?” were put.

The Bug also has been handed the general questions put to those canvassed late last week. They were:

  1. While the Labor Party has rightly ditched the tranche of high-taxing, high-spending policies that were clearly rejected by the Australian people on May 18, do you believe the ALP has apologised fully for those policies that would have destroyed the very fabric of Australian society and have appropriately prostrated themselves at the feet of you, the voting public, as they try to seek forgiveness?
  2. Were you at all surprised that our fair-dinkum, Christian man-of-the-people Prime Minister Scott Morrison ran such a brilliant and disciplined campaign that completely and utterly shredded Labor’s attacks on the so-called big end of town, including battlers on just $200,000 a year still struggling to make ends meet as the ongoing legacy of Labor’s years of debt and deficit disaster?
  3. Aware as you probably aware that new Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese is even more left-wing than the unions’ puppet, worker-hating Bill Shorten ever was, do you believe that Albanese should never, ever, get to be prime minister of this great nation of ours?

Following those questions, respondents were then asked for their voting intentions that worked out at LNP 53% to Labor 47% two party preferred  (main graphic above) and who they preferred as PM, as shown at right, with the PM opening up a massive 17-point lead over the hapless foreign-sounding Albanese.newspoll ppm 010719

The Bug understands that a senior sub-editor who no longer works at the paper told his superiors: “These results have been cooked too much. No one’s going to believe that lying, low-life cunt could be that far ahead.”

But his concerns nevertheless ate away at senior Newscorp executives and they made the decision to abort the whole poll, rather than just tweaking the results in-house as they normally do.

In the edition of The Australian that was axed at the death, the doyen of Australian political columnists Paul Kelly opined in his seven-page think piece: “Labor deserves at least three more terms in the electoral wilderness after the tranche of high-taxing, high-spending policies they stupidly put to the Australian people.

“In all the decades I have been reporting on Australian politics since before the time of Billy Hughes, I don’t think I have ever witnessed a political party that has so misjudged the mood of an electorate.

“I’m still shaking my head over the hubris and cockiness of a party that thought it could gain power by promising a retirees’ tax, a rent tax, a pensioners’ tax, vehicle taxes, death taxes of at least 40 per cent and the immediate shutdown of the entire Australian coalmining industry.

“No party was ever going to be elected on that platform, let alone one lead by a unions’ puppet, sycophantic, brown-nosing, lying snake-in-the-grass like Bill Shorten.

“My best guess is that the next Labor Prime Minister of Australia hasn’t been born yet and that surely must be a good thing for this nation.

“And if and when Labor ever comes to power again, heaven forbid, I will certainly be doing my very best as the doyen of Australia’s political scribes to hold them to account.”