Gold Logie found in dunny


GOLD COAST: Tom Gleeson’s Gold Logie has been found jammed tight in an unflushed toilet at the Star Casino several days after the TV Week Logies awards were presented there.dinkus news

The Bug understands that casino security staff at 2am this morning were called to one of the Asian eateries near the main gaming floor where a very drunk and disheveled Karl Stefanovic was asking late-night diners whether any of them needed to take a dump.

Stefanovic was observed wolfing down one startled diner’s extra-hot beef vindaloo before heading towards nearby toilets.

Cleaning staff then made the unpleasant discovery in one of the cubicles and it was clear an unknown number of people had used it since Sunday night.

Tom Gleeson has admitted to jamming the statuette in the toilet late on Logies night.

“I took a pix of it at the time with my mobes and it looked fine (pictured below). I can’t be held responsible for what happened afterwards.

“You can’t lay that shit on me,” he said.

logie dunny

The comedian and quiz-show host told The Bug: “Besides, I did it as a joke.

“People really do need to lighten the fuck up.”