Fox thinks outside the square


US television network Fox News says it will be taking a new approach to covering the race for the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination.

A Fox News spokesperson said a novel approach was needed because of the large number of Democratic politicians who had announced their intention to seek their party’s nomination to run against President Donald Trump.

“Fox News will be organising a series of live public forums around the US with the first one featuring all declared Democratic Party contenders being staged this Sunday night at Granite State College in Concord, New Hampshire,” the spokesperson said.

“Because there are so many people vying for the Democratic nomination we felt we should move away from the traditional format of political debates and find a new way to canvass the issues and put potential presidential nominees under scrutiny.

“So the events we are planning won’t be debates as such, but will be a variation on the old TV game show Hollywood Squares, or Celebrity Squares as it was known in other countries that produced their own versions.

“Just like the old show we’ll have a host, one of our popular news anchors Eileen Farr-Wright, with two of our other political commentators, Christian Wright and Wright Winger, taking the roles of contestants who play a game of noughts-and-crosses by asking contenders questions (main picture).

“Whichever ‘contestant’ has the highest score at the end of the forum then gets to choose which of the Democratic contenders drops out from future Fox coverage.

“We think this format is the best way to cover such a large field of would-be presidential candidates.

“There are just so many contenders we need to make sure we give every Democratic contender a chance to prove their worth.

“Besides, because we cull the field by just one contender for each forum we telecast, it gives Fox News many more opportunities to berate and belittle Democrats and their party before we inevitably swing our full support behind President Trump at the 2020 poll,” the Fox News spokesperson said.