May signals change of plans

UK POL DINKUSTheresa May has had the last laugh on her party colleagues who have spent months undermining her over her Brexit plans.

In a previously announced move, Mrs May has stood down as Conservative Party leader and has been expected to continue as Prime Minister until a new party leader was chosen.

However, media representatives were called to the front of 10 Downing Street where Mrs May made a brief and silent statement about her latest plans (main picture).

A written explanatory statement issued by her office said while Mrs May was quitting as party leader she would continue on as PM indefinitely.

Meanwhile several of the many UK MPs lining up to replace Mrs May as prime minister have begun revealing personal secrets in their bids to defuse potentially negative stories damaging their chances of becoming Conservative Party leader.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has opened up about using drugs including cocaine as a younger man and others in the leadership race have made similar admissions to defuse potentially destructive media exposures.

boris johnson baldFormer foreign secretary Boris Johnson has taken a similar tack by revealing his trademark tousled blond hair is in fact a carefully constructed wig.

Mr Johnson made the revelation while undertaking a revealing photoshoot (pictured) for a leading UK newspaper.

A spokesperson for Mr Johnson said the senior Tory MP had been impressed in the past by photos of Russian leader Vladimir Putin shirtless on horseback or in other physically challenging situations.

“Boris wants to project an image of himself as a tough yet sexy hunk of British manhood and thought if Putin could do it so could he.

“After all when you think of all the other leadership contenders he’s in far better physical condition than any of them,” the spokesperson said before falling silent for several moments, suddenly appearing pale and unsteady, then unsuccessfully trying to prevent himself from projectile vomiting.