Anger grows over franking credits delays


Police are being called to hundreds of Centrelink offices around the nation as frustrated pensioners vent their spleens over what they see as a totally unreasonable government delay in processing their $44,000 franking credit refunds.

Pictured above is the crowd growing quickly just after dawn this morning outside Centrelink’s main office in Mackay in northern Queensland.village idiot 6.jpg

The Bug talked to angry pensioners outside that centre and others around the country.

Typical of the comments expressed by the very frustrated pensioners were those by Drew Lingmoron (pictured right) outside that Mackay centre.

“The election was on 18 May – so that’s almost three months ago now – and the government simply has no excuse why me refund that they promised during the election couldn’t have been processed by now,” he said.

“I’m just kicking myself. My local member (George Christensen, Member for Dawson) said me refund would have even been much more higher if I had ever bought any shares.”

Further west in Queensland, one of the saddest cases The Bug encountered was invalid pensioner Dual Ling-Banjos whom we found village idiot 2 - net.jpg standing in the dark outside a BCF store in Mt Isa in Bob Katter Jnr’s electorate of Kennedy.

Mr Ling-Banjos (left) said he had heard BCF was a registered agency that could process his franking credits refund.

“I’m gonna buy a new tinnie and all sorts of shiny beaut new equipment and stuff.

“I might even git meself one of those fancy eskies that don’t need no ice.”

At the other end of the nation, in front of a Centrelink office in the heart of Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s electorate of Kooyong, Nil Brainactivity remained hopeful that his franking credits refund would be processed today.village idiot 4 - net

“There’s about a thousand people in front of me but if they can process ten every half-hour when the centre opens at 9am, then I should get in just after…hold on… ten times two is 30 and carry the one….”

Mr Brainactivity (pictured at right) said he had called Mr Frydenberg’s office yesterday and had been promised the “cheque’s in the mail” but he preferred to deal with people face to face.

“I’ll wait til after lunch if I have to. I don’t mind.”

Across the Nullabor in Christian Porter’s electorate of Pearce and waiting patiently outside a Centrelink office just north of Perth, Harfeez Frontallobemissing said the franking credits refund would mean “a double win” for the pensioner.milo kerrigan1

“I’m not a wealthy man – I have few possessions and I’m renting in affordable housing – but I do have about $100,000 in cash in the bank,” Mr Frontallobemissing (pictured right) said.

“So naturally enough I took Mr Porter’s advice during the campaign and voted against Labor’s 40% death tax – there was no way in the world the ALP waz going to get its stinking greedy hands on $80,000 of me hard-earned when and if I cark it.

“So with this $44,000 franking credits refund, I’m a winner twice over. I never, ever, imagined I’d ever have $230,000 in the bank.

“My kids for the first time in there (sic) lives are really going to start taking an interest in how I’m getting on healthwise,” he joked.