Palace coup: Trump grabs Queen’s corgi

aroyal corres dinkusUS President Donald Trump has been marched unceremoniously off the grounds of Buckingham Palace after he suddenly grabbed Queen Elizabeth’s corgi during drinks after the welcoming banquet there overnight Australian time.

The grab clearly shocked Her Majesty and was a totally unexpected conclusion to a day of pomp and ceremony that had gone superbly well, as only the British always execute to perfection.

The State Visit by the President started well, and none of the royal sources and those close to the Royal Family to whom I spoke could detect any animosity between the President and Her Majesty earlier in the day.

My Buckingham Palace sources told me that the Queen had in fact spent a considerable amount of time personally overseeing and directing arrangements for the visit, the second to the UK by Mr Trump as President.

Apparently after his first visit in July last year Her Majesty told palace staff that it would be his last.

I suspect they gently corrected her and pointed out that given Mr Trump’s term ran until January 2021, it was likely he would pay another visit. And so he has.

At Her Majesty’s age it is only natural that her usually sharp mind occasionally forgets such minor details, as do we all on the odd occasion.

One of the President’s first engagements after landing on British soil was to take afternoon tea with the Prince of Wales and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

I am informed that during the meeting Mr Trump told Camilla that she had “really let herself go since getting married” and denied he had ever called her “nasty” for her public criticism of him during the 2016 presidential election.

After the meeting Mr Trump couldn’t resist tweeting that “the make-up guys on Suits deserve all they’d paid and more”.

Mr Trump then met Her Majesty at Buckingham Palace (pictured at top) for the formal welcome at the start of the state visit.

Prior to the traditional 21-gun salute, Her Majesty asked the President if he wanted to see the guns up close in nearby Green Park.

I am told she actively encouraged him to walk closer to the artillery but  she was sadly disappointed when his Secret Service detail stopped him.

Then, after devising a way to give the President a taste of British country life, Her Majesty was apparently visibly upset that Mr Trump did not have time to partake in a mock grouse shoot she had arranged in the sprawling garden of Buckingham Palace.

Not only was Her Majesty disappointed, but so too were the lovely members of one of the lesser known charities of which the Queen is patron, the Royal Society for Blind Parkinson’s Sufferers whom she had selected to partake in the event.

trump-with-corgi-netThe day’s events seemed to fly by until it was time for the State Dinner which is always a highlight of any visit by a foreign head of state.

My royal sources told me that, as with all such dinners, the Queen personally drew up the menu as a reflection of her regard for her guest.

While Her Majesty and other members of the Royal Family noticeably shunned their food, Mr Trump was lavish in his praise for the meal and enthusiastically ate his six La Grande Macs and asked for several more and washed the lot down with what appeared to be a cheeky dark beverage and which palace staff told me was listed on the table menu as Coque a Cohla.

Ever the genial host, Her Majesty went even further on this occasion and personally served the drink to the teetotal US President, ensuring his glass was full at all times.

My palace insiders say it was after the President’s tongue appeared to be rather loosened during the dinner that the atmosphere turned quite frosty as a result of a number of comments from Mr Trump to those near him at the top table in Buckingham Palace’s huge reception hall.

To the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, the President was heard to say: “So you’re the stupid old geezer who’s always putting your foot in it with comments over chinks, coloureds and colonials?”

The President apparently immediately denied saying that, calling it fake news.

And then Prince Charles was upset when the president asked: “What are your plants telling you about your chances of getting your fat old ass on mummy’s throne one day?”

But it was the president’s unexpected grab at Her Majesty’s corgi – the only one she has left – after the formal banquet that proved the last straw for the British royal family.

Royal protocol states that anyone wishing to make contact with Her Majesty’s aging corgi must politely seek permission first so as not to give it a fright.

One palace spy told me: “Her Majesty loves that corgi of hers; she feels as if it’s been with her for her entire life.

uk trump car“In fact, I’ve never seen it anywhere else except buried deep and totally contented in her lap.”

As he was being marched out by the Queen’s Guard, Mr Trump was heard to say: “At her age and given her bloodlines, I was expecting to encounter something looking more like a schnauzer.”

Her Majesty overruled both UK and US protocol officers and insisted that the President be driven personally to his London quarters by the Duke Of Edinburgh (pictured).

My palace spies tell me Her Majesty remained visibly distraught for quite a while after the incident, telling her downstairs personal staff she would have had her corgi shampooed and perfumed if she’s known what was going to happen, while Prince Philip was heard to mutter as he started his car: “I haven’t been allowed anywhere near her corgi for decades.”