Trump visit sparks concerns

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Critics blast ‘subservient’ UK stance

Internal critics of the UK government say it is being too weak and subservient in its response to overtures from US President Donald Trump seeking greater access to British markets for American goods when the nation eventually exits the European Union.

“On his current state visit President Donald Trump is throwing his weight around and is using Brexit as an excuse to wring a deal with the UK government that will overwhelmingly favour the United States,” a government insider said.

“I can’t believe the outgoing PM Theresa May is being so submissive, even in her last days in office, and is trying to cosy up to Trump.

“Sadly this sort of kow-towing is evident throughout the government and even the Royal Family is being forced to ingratiate themselves with Trump. It’s appalling.”

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson rejected the criticisms, saying Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh (main picture) were making no special concessions for President Trump and would meet him as they did any other world leader.

Papers promise extensive campaign coverage

News Corp Australia says its publications will offer the most extensive and in-depth coverage of the current 2022 election campaign.

oz fp 6june“It’s early days and Prime Minister Scott Morrison has a lot of hard work to do over the coming 1,000-plus days of the election campaign to distinguish him and his government from the destructive, disorganised, and disloyal Labor Party led by well-known far- left wrecker Anthony Albanese,” a News Corp source said.

“But our daily newspapers are up to the challenge of covering this campaign as well as we did the last one.

“As you can see from the front-page lead in today’s edition of The Australian (pictured) we have already started to put Labor under pressure, and this approach will continue every day from here until polls close and Scott Morrison and his government are re-elected.”

Trump wants facts on executions

US President Donald Trump has called for an urgent report following news that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has had several senior advisers executed.

The North Korean leader reportedly had his envoy for US affairs executed by firing squad as punishment for the failure of the summit with President Trump in Vietnam in March.

It is believed Kim had the envoy and three other officials killed by firing squad after allegedly been found spying for the United States government.

President Trump said he had asked for an urgent report on the matter.

“I’m not saying it’s something I want to do here in the White House, but I’d like to know all the details to see if it’s a practice I might adopt to help stem the leaks and background briefings against me that keep happening despite me being the most intelligent and popular President ever in the history of our country. Period,” Mr Trump said.