Pretty over-the-hill in pink

movie review

Does Julianne Moore up the top there look just a little bit pinkish to you? Along with her drink and most of her surroundings?

Well, looks can be deceiving because her character, the eponymous Gloria Bell, is more blue than pink. She’s in her 50s, divorced after, as so many women around the world finally discover, her Mr Right was Mr Always Right.

That’s Brad Garrett as ex-hubbie Dustin, whose talents are largely wasted along with the lovely Rita Wilson, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Holland Taylor.

Gloria may be a little down but she also goes out to an LA nightlcub once a week, has a cocktail or two and dances her woes away. We the audience assume she’s probably one bad encounter away from doing a Judith Lucy and nailing her vag to her rather pinkish bedroom wall.

A mid-life woman in mid-life crisis, surrounded by all those hues! That’s right, this is a chick flick writ large, one that the director Sebastian Lelio has already made once before.

No dark colours were injured in the making of this film – well, that’s not exactly true; her bed cover is a bit darkish – and we learn that Gloria still loves to dance and that she hasn’t completely given up on her carnal desires if the right dickhead comes along.

And presto! Stepping onto the dance floor to put things straight is Arnold (John Turturro) who’s also looking for lerve!

There’s a couple of reasons why I don’t want to give too much away about what happens next. One, it would spoil the ending for you. Two, I may have dozed off now and then. Like the Brisbane River on the turn, Gloria Bell drifts along and meanders here and there and what has to be said in its last 45 minutes viewing time could have been canvassed in a third of that.

Let’s just say that Gloria is a really nice person and Arnold turns out not be be. Are you thinking that’s the perfect storyline for the current age? #metoo.

Moore and Turtorro work well together and both act their tits off; in the case of Ms Moore, out as well.

But deep down you get the feeling that Moore knows she’s already won an Oscar for this sort of role and Gloria Bell won’t be adding a second to her mantelpiece.

But you’ve got to give Ms Bell credit for her pluck if not her choice of a fuck. She knows how to pick herself up and dust herself off and get back onto that dance floor, even if the Gloria song she fades out to the end is the wrong one.

Where was that Gloria, as sung about by Van Morrison? The one that “comes around my door, just about midnight…”

Gloria Bell (M)
Director: Sebastian Lelio
Stars: Julianne Moore, John Turturro, Jeannie Tripplehorn, Brad Garrett
Rating: Two-and-half Bugs.