Still trying to shift votes

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BRISBANE: The Courier-Mail couldn’t help sneak in one of what will no doubt be many last digs at Bill Shorten in a story on its latest polling confirming Labor is still just leading the Coalition on a 2PP basis.

A page 11 election story on the latest YouGov/Galaxy poll for the Brisbane tabloid showed Bill Shorten’s Labor Party at 51% compared with 49% for Scott Morrison’s Liberal-National Coalition.

But the headline drew on the response to questions about the perceived characters of both leaders to stick the knife into Shorten.

The story said Morrison was seen by respondents  to the poll as more “aggressive” and “arrogant” than Shorten but also more “statesmanlike”.

Shorten was viewed as more “shifty”, as well as “fake”, and “dangerous”, but also less aggressive than the PM.

But the preferred PM figures showed Morrison still well ahead of Shorten by 45% to 37%.

So were readers given a headline along the lines of “Voters favour ‘arrogant statesman’ as PM”? Or even something suggesting “Poll puts ‘aggressive’ PM ahead of ‘fake’ Labor leader”?

Don’t be silly. No doubt if there had been room for “fake” and “dangerous” to be included alongside “shifty” in the actual headline, we’re sure they would have been there too.


TOWNSVILLE: Labor will likely kiss goodbye to the North Queensland seat of Herbert at tomorrow’s election thanks to its confused stance on the Adani coal mine. Well, at least that’s the view of Rupe’s rotten local rag, the Townsville Bulletin.

If there was any doubt which way the wind is blowing you just need to look at today’s front page of the paper.cowboys coal

No, that’s not business or mining industry “cowboys” they’re talking about, but the highly influential NQ Cowboys NRL team.

Recall Bill Shorten’s jog (if you can call the way he runs a ‘jog’) with former team captain Joanathan Thurston?

Such is their carefully built and protected reputational value,  JT and his former team mates rarely engage in political events.

So while the jogging images were political gold at the time, their value may now have evaporated after the Cowboys backed a pledge organised by local lobby group Townsville Enterprise for regional business operators to express support for opening up mining projects in the Galilee Basin, such as Adani.

The Bug suspects that if Labor loses Herbert,  the reason will have more to do with the fact that all the right-wing fringe parties are preferencing the LNP this time round, rather than the mistaken belief among Herbert electors that Adani will provide ongoing, fulltime jobs for many tens of thousands of locals.


DARWIN: But in the Top End you can forget these new-fangled scientific opinion poll thingies.

The NT News has already picked Labor to win tomorrow using its occasional reptilian psephologist, Burt the Crocodile.

ntnewspollcroc2 160519In the tradition of news outlets around the world running stories on animals picking anything from the winning team in the World Cup, to who will occupy the White House, the Darwin tabloid has Burt as its go-to guy for election outcomes.

Apparently when photos of Scott Morison and Bil Shorten were suspended over Burt’s enclosure at a Darwin croc farm he took less than 30 seconds to make a leap of political faith and snap at the Labor leader (pictured).

Apparently that suggests Shorten will win. Or is it just a crock? Tomorrow will tell.


SYDNEY: Has Tony Abbott been doing too much door-knocking in his red budgie-smugglers? Or maybe without them?

After the 26-year political veteran was staying competitive with his pesky independent rival Zali Steggall over recent weeks, the online bookies have broken the champion skier’s way.

Both Sportsbet (Zali $1.45, Abbott: $2.70) and Ladbrokes (Zali $1.55; Abbott $2.30) have  Steggall moving well clear of the Mad Monk in Warringah. The medal-winning alpine skier is on the downhill run!

If Zali wins, The Bug would like to nominate her for an Australian damehood.

And surely Alan Jones can’t resist having a flutter? A lazy $10 million with Sportsbet on his mate Tones and he’ll clean up big time.

C’mon, Parrot!  Do it. Do it for Australia!