Abbott slams Hawke ‘stunt’


Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott believes the “death” of Bob Hawke is a shameless Labor stunt to garner support on the eve of the election and that Hawke will reappear at his Sydney home as soon as polls close at 6pm tomorrow.

“Look…. aah…aah…aahh … I don’t think the science is settled on Bob’s so-called death,” Mr Abbott (pictured above) said outside his Warringah electorate office this morning.

“In fact this…aah…aah…aahh has Labor Party trickery and …aah…aah… deception written all over it.

“My sources tell me that the only reason Bill Shorten visited Mr Hawke last Monday was to bring him up to speed with the planned ruse and to arrange for him to stay in hiding for today and Saturday.

“Look …. aah….aaah…aaah… everyone knows the LNP was coming home with a wet ..aaah…aaah….aaah….aaah…sail this last week and this Labor Party con job has no other purpose than to halt that momentum.

“Mr Hawke was a very average national leader who achieved some modest things only because he was really a Liberal in Labor clothing.

“That’s not to say that as the ongoing member for Warringah who has …aaah…aaah…aah…. selflessly worked for my local community for the past 26 years, I won’t be mourning along with the rest of the nation when Mr Hawke finally does leave us.

“And that’s also not to say he isn’t deserving of recognition. In fact he is on my list of Australians who deserve a knighthood for his service, even though he dropped God Save the Queen in favour of Waltzing Matilda,” Mr Abbott said.