Tearful Trioli considers future


ABC TV News Breakfast co-host Virginia Trioli is said to be close to quitting journalism after this morning’s show during which she clearly confused a tennis drop shot with a ball that clips the net and falls in for a lucky winner.

Moments after sports presenter Paul Kennedy reported that Nick Kyrgios had repeatedly used the drop shot in winning an early round at the Italian Open, Ms Trioli opined that players should use it all the time if they could and she couldn’t see why players always apologised when they did.

Tennis players at any level usually apologise when they win a point when a ball hits the net and falls in for a winner that catches their opponent further back in the court. The Bug knows of no instance ever in the history of the sport at any level where a player has apologised for a brilliantly executed drop shot, considered one of the game’s top strokes and one of the hardest to master.

Trioli appeared to recognise her mistake almost immediately but despite appearing a little ashen-faced (main picture above) she ploughed on professionally until the show ended at 9am.

She then rushed in tears to her star’s dressing room where The Bug understands co-host Michael Rowland, Kennedy and studio staff have not been able to lure her out from her locked room since.

Just like back in April when Ms Trioli made what was believed to be only her second ever mistake as a journalist, her colleagues were unable to lure her out with some of Ms Trioli’s favourite Italian pastries from the Brunetti Cafe at Carlton along with a takeaway caffè macchiato with exactly the right amount of foamed goat’s milk, just the way she likes it.

Late this morning, Ms Trioli could still be heard sobbing uncontrollably, stopping only now and then to shout: “Of course I know the difference between a drop shot and one that hits the tape and drops over for a winner!”

She could also be heard calling out every Melbourne Cup winner in yearly order since the race began, the result of each and every Ashes match in history, and an accurate recounting of the life and military history, spoken entirely in flawless French, of Eugène Adrien Roland Georges Garros, after which the French Tennis Open venue is named.

The Bug understands Ms Trioli is seriously considering quitting the industry completely after this morning’s gaffe. She was to have taken up a new role later this year as ABC radio’s morning show in Melbourne, replacing veteran broadcaster Jon Faine.