Exclusive sneak peek at royal baby

aroyal corres dinkusReaders of The Bug are the first in the world to see what the latest Royal Baby will look like.

The former Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, is expected to give birth soon to her and Prince Harry’s first child.

But in the lead-up to that happy event I am able to let Bug readers see what the seventh person in line to the Throne will look like.

My royal sources have given me some tremendous insights into previous royal births as well as inside information about the Duchess’s family tree.

I have assembled all the information and have inputted the data into a super-computer using as-yet-unreleased software destined to be used on big Hollywood films to create artificial actors to replace real ones.

royalbabyreclineThe project involved me pinpointing the various body parts identified by my sources and research as being dominant in babies born into the families of both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex over the previous 80 years.

From there, using the new software, it is possible to construct an image of what the darling little Baby Sussex will look like (pictured).

The very lifelike image consists of the nose of Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s eyes, the Queen’s mouth, Prince Charles’s ears, Meghan Markle father’s head, the chin of her mother, and the cheekbones of the late Princess Diana.

The result shows the soon-to-arrive Royal Child will be just as beautiful and adorable as all other newborn members of the Royal Family.

royalbabycoplYou can also see how closely the realistic computer-generated image resembles its lovely and radiant mother and its handsome father (pictured).

The new software was also able to predict the sex of the new Royal Child.

But in deference to my royal sources I have withheld that information after being advised that very, very senior members of the Royal Family would be most upset if I released it and it proved to be misleading.