Bolts consider Ornott spray

bolts dinkusThe Brisbane Bolts has asked one of its star players for a “please explain” over social media posts it made that critics have labelled as hobophobic.

Izzy Ornott (pictured), widely recognised as the JDG’s best-ever centre-pace griller, posted messages on its Shitter account last week saying “hell awaits drunks, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists, idolaters, and homeless vagrants”.

Ornott, who does not identify as male or female and prefers the personal pronoun “it”, has refused to comment.

The JDG’s integrity committee has been investigating the comments since they were posted and last night its chair, Sir Lewis Terry, issued a statement referring the matter to Ornott’s home club to further investigate.

“The  committee is especially concerned about the last reference to vagrants which we believe can be interpreted as being hobophobic,” Sir Lewis said.

“The other classes of people referred to by Ornott are of some concern as they represent almost the entire player base of the JDG. However, it is the view of the committee that Ornott was expressing a personal opinion in that regard based on its interaction with other players over many years.

“However, we must protect supporters and fans outside the game which is why we have asked the Brisbane Bolts to take a more in-depth look at the last reference.”

When contacted at his local sports massage centre in the early hours of this morning, the general manager of the Brisbane Bolts, Terry Verandah, said the club would be examining the matter.

“You bum-breathing reptiles in the media always say and print what you like, so why should I interrupt my six-handed, baby-oil groin massage to deal with this pile of festering maggot carcasses?” Mr Verandah said.

“As far as the JDG referral is concerned we’ll be giving this fucking useless, baseless, time-wasting complaint our full attention before wiping our collective arses with it.

“Who gives a rat’s prostate what Ornott says or doesn’t say on social media? It can say what it likes as long as it performs on the field when it counts. And I must clarify that last ‘it’ in that context doesn’t mean Ornott because it can’t count at all,” he said.

Brisbane Bolts’ coach, Jack Saunders, dismissed suggestions Ornott was hobophobic.

“It’s just a bit of high-jinks- just some good natured horseplay,” Saunders said.

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