Radical plan to replace Notre Dame


A Brisbane man has already submitted a radical plan to the French Government for a replacement of the historic fire-ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral.

Vern Acular, who has been chief designer for the Titan Garage and Shed company for the past 35 years, said his idea was simple and cost-effective.

“Everyone is talking about rebuilding the cathedral in its original form, but that’s going to be very expensive and will take a very long time when you think of all the stonework and construction materials that are needed that haven’t been used for centuries,” Mr Acular said.

“My idea would see a new cathedral on the site within six months, depending how quickly the French authorities can remove the still-smouldering ruins and clear and level the site.

“I’m proposing to replace Notre Dame with an outsize version of one of my more popular designs, the Outback Mark V (main picture).

“The idea is to effectively blow up the size of the standard design and stack three of them on top of each other to provide the external scale and internal volume of the old cathedral.

“I reckon Parisians and other French citizens, as well as tourists, would quickly learn to love the new structure.

“It would also mean there would always be a little bit of Australia in the heart of Paris, an idea that would be reinforced by the use of our very popular coolabah-coloured Colorbond walls with gum leaf trim.

“The big advantage is the new building could be up and open for tourists and churchgoers a lot sooner and would cost only a fraction of the many millions, if not billons, of francs a full-blown replica replacement would cost.”

Mr Acular said it was not the first time the Titan company had been involved in submitting ideas for a major public building.shedoperarhouse

“My father, also called Vern, was my predecessor here at Titan and he lodged an entry (artist’s impression pictured) in the international design contest held for the Sydney Opera House in the late 1950s.

“Like mine, his idea also placed a premium on cost-effectiveness and simple and speedy construction.

“But as we all know, the NSW Government plumped for a foreign design that ended up being an absolute nightmare to build and which blew out the costs many, many times over.

“I hope the French Government doesn’t make the same mistake,” Mr Acular said.