Budget bounce puts LNP in box seat


Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s LNP government looks set for re-election next month, according to a very favourable public reaction to the 2019 Budget as expressed in the latest Newspoll.

The poll, to be published in tomorrow’s edition of arguably the nation’s best national tabloid broadsheet, shows the government has clawed back all eight points it trailed in the last #Newspoll a month ago.

The Bug has obtained exclusive access to the poll results roughly a full two hours before they are traditionally leaked to @GhostWhoVotes about 9.41pm the day before publication. They show both sides deadlocked on 50 per cent of the two-party preferred vote.

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In the mockup of the paper’s Monday front page (above) also leaked exclusively to this newspaper, The Australian writes in its front-page story: “The Scott Morrison government has benefited greatly from a very favourable public reaction to its excellent 2019 Budget, according to today’s Newspoll.

“For the first time in this election cycle, the LNP and Labor are tied 50-50 on a two-party preferred basis.

“The result vindicates Prime Minister Morrison’s clever decision to not call the poll for another week, allowing his band of highly competent ministers to push their case of strong economic stewardship even more strongly.

“With the history of Australian elections showing that conservative governments invariably make up ground on Labor during campaigns, the LNP is now expected to win the election easily when it is called for May 18 or 25.

“Mr Morrison told The Australian: “It looks like the Australian people have finally woken up to the constant lies being told by Mr Shorten and Labor and have decided to put our nation’s future first.'”

The paper’s revered political commentator Paul Kelly writes in his four-page opinion piece in tomorrow’s paper: “The nation can collectively let out a big sigh of relief that its long-term safety and financial security can now be assured seeing it will clearly remain in the safe hands of the only side of Australian politics capable of providing good strong stable government and astute economic management.

“This will truly be an election between a low-taxing, low-spending LNP government and an old-fashioned Labor “big-taxing, big-spending” approach that Gough Whitlam would have been proud of.

“I believe the turnaround in Mr Morrison and his hard-working ministry’s fortunes is due largely to their long-term plan to flatten income tax rates and give hundreds of billions of taxpayers’ dollars back to the people.npollPPM 070419 first.

“The choice this election is clear: do you want very small government that basically leaves your wallet alone and does practically nothing except fund private schools, or a government that wants to do things with your taxes.”

The big swing back towards the LNP in two-party-preferred terms is also reflected in the big 14-point gap Prime Minister Morrison has opened up over Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, although the high undecided vote – 24% – is something The Australian says “the PM has cleverly allowed himself campaign time to capture most if not all of those undecided votes before polling day”.


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