Abbott signals local focus


Tony Abbott has signalled he will be focussing largely on local issues in the coming federal election campaign.

Mr Abbott has unveiled the first of a number of campaign billboards on issues relevant to voters in the harbourside and beachfront electorate of Warringah (main picture).

The former prime minister said he would be running a clean and respectful campaign on local issues despite reports he was feeling the pressure of the campaign by high-profile independent candidate Zali Steggall.

“At the end of the day, aah, huh, huh, we’ll see who has the mosque….. I mean most votes,” Mr Abbott said.

“I ahh, huh, huh, believe in campaigning on the issues people are scared….. I mean people are concerned about. People are concerned about.

“I aah, huh, huh, think voters expect me to frighten.…. I mean inform them about where I stand on those issues. Those issues.

“I will aah, huh, huh, be getting out and about to alarm.…. I mean meet as many voters as possible. As many as possible.

“That’ something I aah, huh, huh, have done in the past and I will definitely Sikh to do, ….. I mean seek to do in this campaign. I’ll seek to do.

“I’ll aah, huh, huh, be meeting people and shaking so many hands I’ll probably tear a wrist muscle…. tear a wrist…. muscle.”

Mr Abbott denied he was behind a “whispering campaign” being conducted through social media channels suggesting Ms Steggall favoured muslin dresses.