Dead-cat bounce ‘puts nation in peril’


The Scott Morrison government has gained no traction from last Tuesday’s federal Budget – in fact it’s gone backwards according to the latest Newspoll to be published in The Australian tomorrow.

The poll, in Monday‘s edition of arguably the nation’s best-selling national tabloid broadsheet, shows the government has dropped two more points to trail Labor by a massive 10 points in two-party preferred terms. A month ago, the gap was 54-46 to Labor.

The Bug has obtained exclusive access to the poll results roughly two full hours before they are traditionally leaked to @GhostWhoVotes at about 9.41pm the day before publication.

The result will devastate senior government ministers, especially Mr Morrison who had delayed calling the election by a week to allow his ministerial team to spruik the Budget on expectation of a lift in the polls after the Budget was generally  regarded as having been favourably received by most sections of the community.

The Bug has also received an exclusive mock-up of The Australian‘s front page for Monday (below).

oz fake page - labor ahead-  net.jpg

In its front-page lead story tomorrow, The Australian writes: “The Australian public have not yet reacted favourably to the Morrison Government’s excellent 2019 Budget, if today’s Newspoll can be believed.

“After Treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s excellent financial vision for the nation met with generally favourable reviews last Tuesday night, Newspoll inexplicably has Labor extending its lead over the Coalition by 10 clear points – 55% to 45% on two- party preferred terms. This follows the 54-46 split in Newspoll a month ago.

“A calm but measured Prime Minister Scott Morrison vowed to turn things around in the few short weeks left before the federal election.

“‘If that lying, sycophantic snake-in-the-grass Bill Shorten ever slithered his way into The Lodge, well God help this wonderful country of ours. Fair dinkum, we’ll all be facing armageddon,” Mr Morrison told The Australian exclusively.

“I’m sure with the good Lord Jesus’s help, we’ll find the miracle to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

The paper’s political commentator, Paul Kelly, a revered figure in Australian political reporting up to about late 2007, opines in his piece tomorrow: “In some perverse way, a natural leader such as Scott Morrison with his enormous marketing skills should relish what really is only a small misstep on his way to a well-earned election victory.

“Mr Morrison cleverly has delayed the naming of the election date to counter what he must have expected from this Newspoll. The extra week will allow this consummate salesman and his equally competent ministerial team to get out and about among their fellow Australians and make them see what a good Budget this really is.

“And I’m sure his team will also appreciate the extra support those $600,000 a day in taxpayer-funded advertising across all media platforms outlining the government’s many achievements over the past three years will help in that endeavour.

“Let’s not forget that in a few short weeks, the cash-strapped LNP will be quite rightly complaining about how Labor and the unions, along with the help of Get-Up, are outspending them to billyo and how unlevel a playing field and how terribly unfair the whole thing has become.”

npollPPM 070419 secondThe poor two-party result is reflected in the preferred-PM figures, with Shorten drawing level  for the first time after trailing Morrison and his predecessor Malcolm Turnbull for years.

Both are on 44% with only 12% undecided as the nation prepares to enter the 2019 election period.




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