Annabel Crabb caught in recall


Australia’s consumer watchdog has moved swiftly to order the recall of a new product launched just this week and marketed under the name of popular ABC Television celebrity Annabel Crabb.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission said it had acted as quickly as it could to direct the withdrawal from sale of all bottles of a new product called Annabel Crabb’s Canberra Bubble Bath.

“We moved on this one in what for us was record time — as soon as we got the most recent complaint, which from memory was the 137th we received,” an ACCC spokesperson said.

“We can assure consumers that Annabel Crabb’s Canberra Bubble Bath is now off the shelves of all retail outlets across the nation. We think.”

The spokesperson said the cost of the recall would be carried by the product’s manufacturer, Gold Coast-based firm Bezzle Bathtime Products. A representative of the company could not be contacted.

The ACCC spokesperson said the recall notice was issued after reports of people using the product as a cooking ingredient instead of in their bath water.

“We think this might have happened after consumers — and I mean that literally in this case — misread or were misled by the promotional slogan used by Bezzle Bathtime Products — ‘Good enough to eat’,” the spokesperson said.

“Then there were other slogans that were a bit more doubtful such as ‘Use it in any recipe’.

“Given Annabel Crabb’s association with food and cooking shows, people naturally thought the product could be used in whatever they were cooking up. But sadly that’s not the case.

“As a consumer protection and advice agency, we strongly recommend to read the label of any bubble bath product before contemplating its use in preparing meals or making any foodstuffs.”

When contacted Ms Crabb said she was unaware of the recall, and indeed was unaware of the product bearing her name.

“I vaguely recall some sleazy looking bloke muttering something about  the Canberra Bubble after he asked for my autograph a few months back when I was on the Gold Coast. But that’s all,” Ms Crabb said.