Alan Jones looks into toilets

jones jobs dinkus3Radio shock jock, Alan Jones, says he is testing the waters for a new career in television as his current employer, Sydney station 2GB, continues to stall on a decision to re-sign him to another multi-million-dollar contract before his current one expires at the end of June.

In an exclusive interview with The Bug, the controversial broadcaster said he was pitching a new documentary series to all Australian TV networks.

“I have always really enjoyed the documentary series on British railways hosted by former UK Conservative Party politician, Michael Portillo,” Mr Jones said.

“In each episode he showcased quirky aspects of the many and varied railway networks in Britain and Europe.

“Then just recently I was sitting in my radio studio having a bit of a break with a milkshake and sandwich during a news bulletin and the thought struck me — I could do the same sort of show as Portillo, but make it about public lavatories.

“I’ve always thought there’s a great story to be told about the technology of toilets.

“I mean, who thought of a chain to empty the water tank and what is a ballcock?

“Sucking on my milkshake I thought the new documentary series could show the history of public toilets in all their glory.

“Whole episodes could be devoted to just one country’s public loos.”

Mr Jones said he was now spending most of his time away from his radio program filming a pilot episode of the new series.

“It seems like I’ve been shooting in public toilets for years, but I’m sure in the end it’ll be worth it,” he said.

“I want to show some of Britain’s finest public toilets in all their glory. Whole episodes could be dedicated to any one of a number of London’s famous comfort stops.”