TV networks mix and match

tvsetAustralia’s three commercial television networks have joined forces to combat rising production costs and competition from internet-based programming.

The Bug can report that Network 10, the Nine Network, and the Seven Network plan to amalgamate some of their popular weekly programs to share productions costs, with all three networks telecasting the final product.

A commercial TV source who did not wish to be named said the concept would take the key features of several popular shows and meld them into one surefire hit program.

“It means a single show will contain the favourite features from several other shows,” the insider said.

“That way each network can be sure that every minute of the combined show will be a ratings hit.

“I really don’t know why this hasn’t happened before. It means producing an hour of television instead of two or three separate hours.

“It will be done at a fraction of the cost yet keep the important elements viewers tune in to see.”

The industry insider said production had already started in Melbourne on the first in a series of combined programs.

“The first candidates for amalgamated production are Nine’s The Block, Seven’s My Kitchen Rules, and 10’s The Biggest Loser,” the insider said.

“The working title of the finished program is Fat Bastards Scoffing Pretentious Food in a DIY Kitchen.

“Nine is also planning for the amalgamation of its Farmer Wants a Wife and Blind Date to which 10 still has production rights.

“The new show, Farmer Wants a Root, is expected to be a corker. And we’ll be showing more half-mongrels than those late-night Big Brother adult specials ever dared to put on screen.

“Then there’s Nine’s plans for Appalling People Bitching and Yelling at Each Other.

“It’s not an amalgamated program, just a more accurate renaming of its existing Married At First Sight,” the insider said.