Let’s bury the Dirty Digger in a deep hole

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Forget good strong stable government. Forget the forecast surplus. Forget the free cancer treatment pledge from Labor. Forget the LNP’s move to basically a flat rate of tax. Forget Labor’s plans for an old-fashioned big taxing, big spending government.

There’s only one key issue facing Australians at next month’s issue – and only one response that is needed: we simply have to tell a certain flaccid-arsed, evil, money and power hungry, morally corrupt, ethics free and increasingly senile Yank octogenarian living in New York to get the fuck out of Australian life and stay the fuck out of Australian life.t shirt vote right - net.jpg

In case you don’t know who I’m talking about, I’ve been throwing together some t-shirt designs (at top and far from right) that I’ll happily wear every day of the campaign once the Happy Clapper takes his drive out to Yarralumla.

Now some of you will already know my view that the absolutely wretched, totally unprofessional and shameful right-wing bias that’s about to be shown by Rupe’s rotten rags over the next five weeks or so will do bugger-all to change voters’ intentions. History of recent Queensland polls shows it probably does more harm than good to the causes espoused by the world’s most powerful media mongrel ever.

So, why should I care? I guess the silly old fart of a washed-up hack journo in me would like to see the Australian print media show some basic efforts towards a professional and balanced coverage of the looming poll. Okay, that shit sailed a long time ago.

So let’s not kid ourselves. The Murdoch media’s attacks on Shorten – both policy and personal – will be relentless. His papers are going to find so many black holes in Labor’s costings you’ll think you’re watching the morning aftermath – the end product if you like – of a dodgy vindaloo served at a big Indian wedding.

Trust me. With so many LNP seats up for grabs in Queensland, The Courier-Mail and the Sunday-Mail are going to be simply vomitous. I can imagine Des Houghton and Renee Viellaris reaching for their thesauri – the ones that only have right-side pages – as I write.

Poor Ben English down at the Daily Telegraph probably still thinks his rancid, right-wing shitsheet in Sydney swung the recent NSW election and had nothing to do with Michael Daley’s last-week horrors.

The Herald Sun will be doing its best to save Sarah Henderson in Corangamite. Good luck with that.

So my plea to you all as this putrid avalanche of right-wing biased bile threatens to ooze over and engulf us all over the coming weeks, by all means get angry.

You can also feel sorry for journos who work at these mastheads and who will see their job prospects damaged and their employers’ brand names further thrashed by brown-nosed editorial morons doing Murdoch’s selfish and self-centred bidding.

But more than just getting angry and sorry, for this nation’s sake – and any future real journalism might have in it, especially in the print-media sector – get EVEN.

Tell the Dirty Digger in no uncertain terms via the ballot box to get the fuck out of Australian affairs and for once and for all stay the fuck out of Australian affairs.

Don Gordon-Brown

PS: Any suggestions for improving on my t-shirt design before I head out to buy some white XXX t-shirts and some stencils will be most appreciated.