PM announces media Royal Commission


Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced a royal commission into the Australian media after being handed hard, irrefutable evidence that “left-wing media” has been solely responsible for the low level of political discourse in Australia.

The Royal Commission into How Corrupt Left-Wing Media Has Singularly and Wilfully Created Racial Disharmony and Social Division in Australian Society and So-called Right-Wing Race-Baiting and Dog-Whistling on Muslim Immigration Has Had Nothing to Do With It is expected to cost close to $90 million and will run until there’s no more votes left in it.

Mr Morrison said he had chosen an independent Royal Commissioner to head the inquiry in the form of News Corp Australia columnist Andrew Bolt (main picture).

“Andrew Bolt has vast experience in politics, the media and just recently also proved his credentials in the field of judicial practice with his forensic analysis of what he found to be the woefully incorrect verdict in Cardinal George Pell’s case,” Mr Morrison said.

“He will, I am sure, conduct this Royal Commission in his usual fair and balanced manner.”

Mr Morrison said he decided to establish the new Royal Commission after being presented with compelling white-paper evidence that Australians should be more concerned about left-wing media influence in the wake of the Christchurch shootings than far right-wing hate speech and Islamaphobia.

“I must say I was shocked when I was presented with that evidence after opening up my copy of the Weekend Australian yesterday,” he said.

“There in its pages was clear-cut evidence that ‘the Left’ must take the blame for the sad state of politics and political debate in Australia, when all along too many people have assumed it was the result of extreme far-right rhetoric, white supremacists, and dog-whistling about Muslims and Muslim immigration which, as you all know, I totally deplore.

“The Weekend Australian evidence helped me decide that a Royal Commission is the best response.

“First I read Chris Kenny’s column (pictured) and saw how he had identified what he described as ‘the repulsive and counter-productive response from the political Left’ to the Christchurch mass shootings, a response he said ‘has set Australian against Australian and our nation against others’.

weekendoz left“Mr Kenny also noted that Waleed Aly who interviewed me last week had used ‘old repudiated claims’ that I had told a 2010 shadow cabinet meeting that there might be political advantage in targeting Muslims.

“I can confirm it was me who repudiated those claims, yet Waleed Aly chose to deliberately ignore that fact.”

Mr Morrison said another column in the Weekend Australian by Gerard Henderson (pictured even righter) also noted that Waleed Aly had been informed, by the Prime Minister himself, that his claims about the 2010 meeting were not correct.

“Yet, as Gerard Henderson wrote, Mr Aly ‘did not desist from his allegation’ against me even after being informed, by me, that it was wrong,” Mr Morrison said.

“That is the sad state our media have come to in our nation. Why would anyone not believe what I say?”

Mr Morrison said Mr Henderson’s column had also berated the “left-of-centre media in Australia” for embracing New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for her response to the mosque massacres.

“That’s just more hard evidence of the need for a full-blown Royal Commission into the sinister influence of the left-wing media in our nation,” he said.

Mr Morrison said if Mr Kenny and Mr Henderson had not provided sufficient justification for a Royal Commission, a column by Janet Albrechtsen in the Weekend Australian provided more evidence.

“In her column Ms Albrechtsen  wrote about the ABC and its ‘lazy groupthink’ that led one of its senior reporters to challenge Pauline Hanson and ask if she took ‘any responsibility for contributing to the toxic atmosphere in this country about Muslim immigration, which may have helped set the scene for what happened in Christchurch?’.

“Of course as Janet has written, that is a typical example of the ‘blinkered, three-legged moral high horse’ ABC journos are on all the time.

“It just adds to my resolve to see this new Royal Commission tackle left-wing media and those who work in it.

“I am determined to ensure that patriotic and honest media outlets such as the Weekend Australian and The Australian are not sullied by those on the left and can continue to deliver sensible, balanced, and apolitical coverage,” Mr Morrison said.

Mr Morrison said he was seeking legal advice on whether the calling of the Royal Commission meant the term of his government should be extended at least until the Commission had finished it work, estimated to take several months if not well into 2020.

“Before formally approving the new Royal Commission I sought a legal opinion on its impact on the election date from Andrew Bolt who, as you know, has vast experience in politics, the media, and just recently also proved his credentials in the field of judicial practice with his forensic analysis of what he found to be the woefully incorrect verdict in Cardinal George Pell’s case,” Mr Morrison said.

“I expect to have his professional opinion in the next few days.”

If time permits, the royal commission is expected to also delve more fully into Bill Shorten’s private and professional life and exactly what Julia Gillard knew about her many personality defects.