Daily Tele vows to take Daley down


NSW Opposition Leader Michael Daley is headed for a world of political pain – and it’s all because he had the temerity to better Premier Gladys Berejiklian in an opinion poll.

The Bug can reveal that Sydney’s leading metropolitan newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, has vowed to ramp up its anti-Labor, anti-Daly rhetoric in the eleven days left before the 23 March state poll.

A poll conducted by the Daily Telegraph’s sister Sunday paper’s far less popular rival, The Sun-Herald, showed Labor with a small 51% to 49% two-party preferred lead over the Coalition but with Daley holding a big lead over Berejiklian as preferred Premier 53.3 to 46.7.

“Luckily, only a couple of thousand people read either of those two pathetic 9 mastheads but we at the Tele didn’t miss the message,” a senior editor at the Daily Telegraph told The Bug strictly off the record.

“I simply wouldn’t want to be in Daley’s shoes,” he said. “Forget #killbill. #killdaley is going to make#killbill look like a hissy fit by two pre-schoolers fighting over a box of crayons.

“You can expect front page after front page of a fairly vicious photoshopped campaign aimed at both Daley’s policy positions but with many personal attacks as well.”

The editor emailed us with some of the front pages (two that can be used in a family publication such as The Bug are pictured below) ready in the queue to nail Daley and ensure the Labor Party never, ever, takes the government benches in Australia’s premier state.

“They’re in the early stages of development but we’re confident we’re moving in the far-right direction.”

tele daley cover ONE - net

tele daley cover TWO - net.jpg
“At the moment, we’ve got Daley’s Big Black Hole referring to the usual made-up Labor costings blowout that Rupert likes us to run towards the end of any election campaign be it at the federal, state or local council level.

“But we might change that to an attack on his personal hygiene because we know Daley doesn’t wipe his arse too well and he stinks to high heaven if you ever get too close to him.”