Bishop sinks the slipper


Former foreign minister Julie Bishop (main picture above) has taken a swipe at modern media standards in a private speech to her colleagues just before she made public her decision not to stand at the next federal election.bishopfeet1

Following her speech behind closed doors to Liberal Party MPs in a secure room at Parliament House, Ms Bishop  refused to comment on its contents.

But sources who heard the speech told The Bug that in her address, Ms Bishop (pictured at left) said media coverage of politics had degenerated to reporting trivia and leaked information from never-identified “sources” however unreliable.

She said in many cases the unidentified “sources” were simply feeding reporters misinformation designed to settle scores in internal party faction fights and those receiving the leaked information were never in a position to verify the facts or what had actually occurred.

“Media coverage of politics in our nation is not up to the standards we should expect in a modern democracy,” Mr Bishop is understood to have told her colleagues.bishopfeet2

“In my case I have endured more coverage of my hairstyle, and what I wear on my body and my feet than what I have said or done as foreign minister even on important occasions such as when I went to New York to dress up for… I mean address… the United Nations (pictured at right).”

A Liberal Party source told The Bug Ms Bishop bitterly recalled the poor support she received from her colleagues during last year’s party leadership spill, especially from her home state of Western Australia, and challenged the meeting: “Would I have gone further in politics if I’d been a man?”

Ms Bishop reportedly kicked off her darling Jimmy Shoo red-leather pumps and held aloft a pair of size 4 Julius Marlow dark-brown, elastic-sided dress boots with a modest 2cm heel.

“Well, would I?” she taunted before throwing one of the boots at Peter Dutton who would have been hit right in the face if he hadn’t shown how shifty he can be.

Sources said that to ram home that point, Ms Bishop sprinkled the rest of her speech with bouts of noisy and rather smelly flatulence, strings of four-word obscenities that would have made a Barnaby blush, slurred her words and giggled inappropriately at times in a way that would made a Katter blush and constantly grabbed at where she imagined her balls would have come down to if she had been born a bloke.