Corbyn rallies his supporters

UK POL DINKUSEmbattled British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has called a meeting of his supporters to settle unrest about his leadership.

Mr Corbyn reserved one of the meeting rooms at the Houses of Parliament at Westminster in London to accommodate his supporters (pictured below).

The scheduled meeting follows the defection from the Labour Party of seven of its MPs and ongoing calls for Mr Corbyn to resign.

It also follows the defection of three Conservative MPs to the new Independent Group established by the seven disgruntled former-Labour MPs.

“I have the support of my party just as this meeting will prove, once everyone gets here of course,”  Mr Corbyn told The Bug.corbuyn meeting

“They must have misread the starting time, I suspect.

“But nevertheless, once we get under way I am sure they will give me a good hearing and eventually see sense and support me and my leadership.”

Mr Corbyn rejected claims he was not showing leadership on the Brexit issue.

“Bugger me, who the hell is showing leadership?” he said.

“The whole thing is like a gigantic case of political diahorrea. It’s a continuous torrent of smelly, watery shit that never stops and that nobody can plug or mop up.

“Nobody has the answer including me I’m not afraid to say.”

The Bug waited for an hour for any Labour MPs to turn up and for the meeting to start.

“Any minute now,” Mr Corbyn declared on several occasions.

The only Labour MP to finally enter the room and who gave his name as John Borisson (pictured) told The Bug he stood by Mr Corbyn.

boris fake“I want Jeremy to remain Labour Party leader for as long as possible,” Mr Borisson said.

“If he isn’t leader of the Labour Party how can I….. I mean, how can he become Prime Minister?

“It’s essential he stays,” he said before departing quickly when Mr Corbyn approached.

“Any minute now,” Mr Corbyn told The Bug as he watched Mr Borisson leave.