Voters to PM: Keep splashing our cash!


The Morrison Government has spent millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money in the past two weeks alone promoting itself on its tax and job-creating policies, with no benefit whatsoever to the LNP’s standing with voters, according to today’s #newspoll in The Australian.morrie-dinkus-magenta

Support for the LNP has flatlined at 37% primary support. Labor actually rose 1 per cent to 39, a lead of two on its way to maintaining a 53%-47% election-winning lead.

So The Bug earlier this morning sent out roving teams to conduct a simple vox pop around the nation: Should the Morrison government continue to waste public money running these ineffective, self-serving cross-media advertisements, expected to cost more than $200 million over the past year by the time the starting gun is fired on the federal election campaign?

shortenwomanWilma Shortez, 51, labourer and part-time housewife, Melbourne

“I think it’s terribly important that a government be allowed to explain its record in office as election time looms. I’m sure the ads have been vetted by the relevant Parliamentary committee. Personally, I think these advertisements are excellent and should not only be continued but ramped up! People like to see their tax dollars spent well.”

plibersekcookErek Plebanyski, 49, kebab shop owner, inner Sydney

“Your vox pop is interesting because I can talk from personal experience. I have a competing kebab shop across the street from me and the stupid bastard spent an enormous amount recently on advertising – leaflets, local paper ads, everything. The prick didn’t sell a single extra mixed kebab and my sales went up by 1%. So my answer to the federal government is yes: keep throwing that money around like confetti. It worked wonders for me.”


Sony Scot-Morris, 50, advertising agency head honcho, Cronulla, NSW.

“What is it with clients who always expect an immediate bang for the bucks they give me? Good campaigns take time to connect with the public. My advice would be: don’t lose your nerve. Stay the course. Go harder if need be. ”

man in shadow.jpg

Kevin Bonham, pseph and political observer/meddler, Hobart, Tasmania

“This is a clumsy fake vox pop from a supposed satirical paper. Further, this vox pop was also done two weeks ago and is now pretending to be new! Now please leave me alone or I’ll call the police.”