Eurovision shit-fight erupts


A Brisbane composer is challenging the selection of Kate Miller-Heidke as Australia’s entry into the 2019 Eurovision song contest.

photo-1530192742375-0cbabc8953a4Vince Agarol (pictured) has asked judges at the weekend’s Eurovision selection competition at the Gold Coast to reconsider their selection after his own entry was excluded even before being performed.

“My song never stood a chance despite all the preparation and rehearsal time my team invested in it,” Mr Agarol said.

The Bug reported in November 2018 on Mr Agarol’s efforts to publicise his prospectus (pictured) designed to attract investors to his latest project, a rock opera based on the story of Brisbane’s notorious “Poo Jogger” who was caught last year after repeatedly defecating on southside suburban driveways.

pj cover“We have spent months and months in rehearsals trying to get a crack at flying the Aussie flag at the Eurovision contest in Israel this year,” Mr Agarol said.

“I submitted an entry from my Poo Jogger rock opera but judges refused to enter it into the competition. It’s a song that’s an homage to the theme song from the popular movie Titanic.

“It’s called My Fart Will Go On and it’s performed by a young Brisbane drag queen, Dion Celine.

“The song lyrics are quite sensitive and moving and are delivered by Dion by making flatulence noises with his mouth and lips.

“The climax of the performance is when Dion holds aloft a huge turd and throws it into the audience. It’s worked well in all the rehearsals (main picture above) and I don’t know anyone who’s seen his performance that doesn’t end up with a tear in their eye.

“Naturally it’s not a real turd, just a big styrofoam mould. But it is smeared with a thick layer of real human excrement to add authenticity.

“But when we turned up at the Gold Coast venue at the weekend the organisers refused to admit us. They said my stage prop didn’t meet Eurovision standards.

“Well I beg to differ. Let’s face it, Eurovision songs are invariably shit, so mine fits the bill 100%.

“They haven’t heard the last of me,” Mr Agarol said.