Mollie’s moggie snood sparks lawsuit


A Brisbane woman has launched legal action against the supplier of a snood she bought online to save people staring at and joking about her cat.

Mollie S, an aged pensioner and retired shop assistant (main picture) who did not want to be identified, told The Bug she was left distraught and out of pocket when she made what she claimed was an honest mistake in applying the snood to her cat for several weeks.

cat hitler“For many years I have suffered ridicule whenever I showed my cat in public because it has an unfortunate colouring that makes it look like Hitler (pictured),” Mollie told The Bug.

“Anyone catching a glimpse of my cat will often just point and laugh at it and some even do a Nazi salute.

“Some of them expect my cat to salute back. A certain type may find that amusing but I never have.

“Fancy not being able to reveal your cat to strangers in public because of what it looks like. Whenever I tried to do that my poor cat would always get upset and shrink into my lap to half its size.

“It’s always been awkward when people realise that it’s my cat they can see wriggling in my lap and emitting little growls.

“Now my cat has always been rather furry so I thought I would resist clipping or shaving one of its lips so the fur could be styled into a bigger moustache to camouflage the small one.

“I decided to treat my cat to a snood — a device that keeps a moustache in shape while its owner sleeps so that it grows in the desired style.

“People may have seen Agatha Christie’s favourite detective Hercule Poirot wearing one in films or in TV series (pictured).

poitot snood“I sent off to a website to make sure my cat had a good quality snood. It’s only the best for my cat.

“It cost me $30 but after a few weeks I realised that because it came with no instructions, I had obviously been applying it wrongly and my cat looked nothing like I wanted (pictured below).

“In fact I think it’s now a lot worse than it was before I even tried the snood. My cat is obviously out of sorts too, it can’t even lick itself anymore.”

cat swatstikaMollie said her first step was to seek a refund from the snood supplier.

“I know my rights as a consumer, having spent my working life heading up the ladies department at one of the Grace Brothers department stores in Sydney before retiring a decade ago, not long after Myer bought the company and rebranded it,” she said.

“But the snood seller refused point-blank to refund my $30 which is why I am taking him to court.

“I just think that clear instructions should have been included with the snood.

“As it is I still can’t show my cat in public, my cat now has the shakes and won’t let anyone scratch it, and I am down $30,” she said.

The website vendor was contacted by The Bug and asked to comment but said he was not free.

The Bug also asked Mollie if she ever referred to her cat as “my pussy”.

“No, never. Why do you ask?” she replied.