SBS captures Shorten’s go-slow


SBS Television has announced plans to shoot another “slow TV” program in the lead-up to the expected federal election in May.

sbs logo framedThe network has popularised the slow TV genre with last year’s 17-hour program shot with cameras on board and outside of The Ghan train running between Adelaide and Darwin.

The network will follow up this month with 18-hour programs capturing the Indian Pacific train travelling across the Nullarbor Plain; a cruise around the Kimberley region of WA; a canal barge in the UK; and a north-to-south trip of New Zealand.

“Our proposed new program is expected to exceed all of these in every way,” SBS director of new programming Channelle Fore told The Bug.

slow tv bowen“It will follow Labor Party leader Bill Shorten and his key team members as they do nothing but wait for the fall of the Morrison Government.

“Preliminary exploratory vision we have already shot shows just how little Shadow Ministers such as Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen (pictured) are doing in the lead-up to the May election.

“We have also captured footage of Bill Shorten during last year’s Royal Tour which shows just how laidback and confident the Opposition is of assuming office whenever an election is called (pictured).

slowtv shorten 3“Apart from some mild factional jockeying for what those involved are convinced will be their inevitable selection as a Labor Party cabinet minister, there is bugger-all going on. It’s perfect for a slow TV program.

“We will start principal shooting soon with several cameras following Bill Shorten and Shadow Ministers around the nation.

“We think we’ll likely exceed the 18-hour mark when we get to the final edit. It may be that we air in its entirety all 2,640 hours of footage we plan to shoot.

“That would be a breakthrough in the slow TV market and indeed would be a landmark in the history of television worldwide,” Ms Fore said.