NSW poll on a knife-edge


With the NSW state election now only two months away and the campaign proper due to begin in weeks, The Bug spared no expense in sending out teams of reporters and photographers to tap the mood in this crucial poll and what it might portend for federal politicians also due to face the people soon.



lukefoley dig

Flossy Likely, 48, housewife
Newtown, Sydney

I wouldn’t think Labor stands a chance since that nice Luke Foley vacated the NSW Opposition Leader’s chair and is quitting politics completely at the election. I thought it was a terrible injustice to see him forced out of politics over one silly drunken incident at one Christmas party. I mean, goodness gracious me, men will always be men and my best guess is that there’d be no men in any parliaments anywhere in Australia or indeed across the world if they all had to pay the ultimate price for a little grope here or a touch up there somewhere in their adult lives. I shouldn’t speak ill of my own gender but, heavens above, could you imagine parliaments worldwide being run only by women?


opp ldr vp

Dale McMalley, 53, civil engineer
The Entrance, NSW Central Coast.

I laughed my head off when the groper, Luke Foley, got cut down to size and the Newscorpse political writers all rubbed their hands with glee at the thought of another four years in the political wilderness for Labor. But this new guy – what’s his name again? – oh, that’s right, Michael Daley – I like the cut of his jib, I really do. And he’s taking it right up to the Berejiklian government, especially over the Premier’s plans for new sporting stadia. You’d think with my profession, I’d be all for new and big infrastructure projects but really, knocking over perfectly fine stadiums built only 30 years ago? Where do they think these places are? Darling Harbour?


berejiklian disg

Beris Jikgladian, 48, Premier Blinds salesperson
Willoughby, NSW

I use trains a lot and I often see the NSW Premier and her transport minister – what’s his name, again? – oh, that’s right, Andrew Constance – I see both of them regularly using the Sydney rail network so I appreciate that they are always trying to improve our city’s public transport systems. I like the way they try to disguise themselves as blue-collar workers by wearing yellow safety vests. And how they manage to keep their cool when somehow all those media people somehow manage to track them down is beyond me. The Liberals have only been in for eight short years and while I appreciate there are lot of ongoing problems with our trains they look like really nice people who want to put things to right so they’ll be getting my vote in March.

mal t top hat

Bullmore Turncoat, 64, toff
Point Piper, Sydney.

There will be no-one more delighted than me should the Gladys Berejiklian government be returned in a crushing landslide on March 23. I’ve always been far more interested in federal politics but a big win here in NSW will prove an enormous fillip for the Morrison Government in Canberra, which I believe is doing an absolutely spiffing job and thoroughly deserves another term at the very least.

Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall wedding at St. Bride's Church on Fleet Street, London, Britain - 05 March 2016

Em Urdoch, 103, American tourist
New York, USA

As an outsider I must say I am confident NSW voters will have all the relevant information afforded to them before polling day by your unscrupulously objective local media outlets, especially quality newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph in Sydney and The Australian at the national level. Plus you are lucky to have Sky News that gives in-depth and well-balanced coverage of political events, especially after dark.