New app means faster response to US mass shootings


America’s powerful gun lobby group, the National Rifle Association, has backed a new US-developed app for mobile devices whose makers say will deliver faster responses to mass shootings.

Software development firm Second Amendment Inc, based in Alabama, has released the app saying it will enable citizens, politicians, and others to respond in real time to mass shootings.

In an exclusive interview, the firm’s CEO Clint Face (pictured) told The Bug mass shootings were now common and accepted occurrences across the US, so the new app would meet an ongoing need.

tandp inventor“Our lawmakers have ensured that shootings involving  the loss of dozens and sometimes scores of innocent lives are now a regular feature of life in America and will continue to be for many years if not forever,”  Mr Face said.

“We here at Second Amendment saw that fact as a market opportunity but also a chance to make a real change to the way we as a community respond to these events.”

Mr Face said the newly developed T&P app (pictured) enabled anyone with a mobile device to convey publicly their “thoughts and prayers” for victims, their families and friends, and affected communities via popular social media outlets.

“When people hear of these events and the mass deaths and casualties involved, naturally the first and often only thought that comes into their minds is to send their thoughts and prayers to those affected,” Mr Face said.tandp apop

“Our new T&P app allows them to do that immediately they hear the news, even while the event itself and the deaths and injuries of innocent victims are still unfolding.

“By using the app a generic ‘thoughts and prayers’ message can be published immediately via a user’s Twitter or Facebook pages.

“Because we can link to major news sources, the app will alert users to a mass shooting.

“It can then automatically insert into the T&P message  the necessary information such as the site of the latest shooting massacre, the venue such as a school, college, church or nightclub, and the known death toll so far.

“It makes it look as though the user sending their ‘thoughts and prayers’ has actually gone to the trouble of finding out the details of the shooting. It’s going to be especially popular with politicians we believe.

“The T&P app cuts down the time and effort it takes for people to respond to mass shootings and it means they can have a standard response ready to roll as soon as the next mass shooting event inevitably occurs.

“For our busy lawmakers it will mean they can be seen to care, but not spend too much time or energy in responding.”

A spokesperson for the National Rifle Association told The Bug the association welcomed the new T&P app because it promised a more efficient response to mass shootings.

“Like most Americans the NRA wants to put mass shootings behind us,” the spokesperson said.

“This app does just that. It enables people especially politicians to put every mass shooting behind them as quickly as possible while delivering what the NRA believes is an appropriate response to each of these events.”