Drone shuts Heathrow Airport

Hundreds of British police including anti-terrorist and riot squads have begun leaving London’s Heathrow Airport after dealing with a drone incursion.

A spokesperson for London’s Metropolitan Police said fears of a copycat drone incident similar to that which closed Gatwick Airport had seen 240 police officers mobilised and rushed to Heathrow Airport 23 kms west of Central London.

“Reports were made this morning to Scotland Yard from a number of people at the airport of a drone that had entered the area,” the spokesperson said.

“Some callers were distraught at having such a close encounter with the drone and were clearly upset and frightened by its appearance and the sound it was making.

“Within 30 minutes of receiving the calls all flights in and out of the airport had been cancelled, passengers had been secured within all terminals, and specialised response squads including snipers had taken up strategic positions around the airport and within its numerous terminals, hangars, and other buildings.

“The airport was closed for six hours until the issue was resolved and police began to return to their home bases.

“It turns out reports of a drone were correct, but it happened to be Australia’s High Commissioner George Brandis (pictured) boring anyone unfortunate to be close enough to him in the Wantthis Club, one of the terminal’s business lounges.

“We apologise to all passengers for any inconvenience,” the spokesperson said. “But you had to be there to appreciate the risk people faced. That bastard could really drone on.”

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