Prince Charles tries to make a move at 70


Prince Charles has failed in what he thought was a carefully planned palace coup after trying to have his mother, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, committed to an aged people’s home that he told her she was officially opening.

“Some months ago with his 70th birthday looming, a distinct change came over Prince Charles,” a Buckingham Palace source told The Bug on condition of anonymity.

“His staff noticed that he was muttering to himself things like ‘One’s never getting a crack at it’ and ‘She’ll never let go and give it to one’  which we all took to mean the throne itself.

“The same sort of thing happened when he turned 60. I guess such milestones do tend to focus your mind on your own future and unfulfilled ambitions and dreams.

“But this time, just days before his 70th birthday Charles went further and started issuing orders to his staff at Clarence House to draw up lists of nursing homes that would take elderly women.

“At first we thought he might have ideas of sidelining Camilla, but it turns out he was ordering staff to specifically investigate nursing homes that were suitable for a woman in her 90s.”

The palace source said this week the Queen and her eldest son and heir visited the Dun Rulin’ Home for the Aged in Cranston located near Heathrow Airport (pictured), but importantly also between Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle which the Prince thought would make six-monthly visits easier for him.

queen home walk

The source said while Her Majesty wandered ahead with a pair of large gold scissors saying “Quite” and “That’s most interesting” to residents, Charles hung back and told the home’s director that his mother had deteriorated even more since he’d phoned days earlier.

“She hasn’t fed the corgis for days,” Charles whispered to the director and added “I told you” as his mother looked in vain for a ribbon to cut before settling on trying to plant a potted shrub in the common room’s parquetry floor,” the palace source told The Bug.

“It was only when the Queen heard Charles remark to the director that he thought his mother would be happier living in one room instead of in a palace with 775 of them that she put two and two together.

“That’s when she became agitated and nursing staff, on the Prince’s instruction, sedated her. Her Majesty then spent the night at the home (pictured).”

The Bug was told that Prince Charles quickly departed the nursing home and made directly for Buckingham Palace, not his own official residence of Clarence House.queen home window

“Once at the palace he spent hours in the Throne Room holding mock audiences well into late evening with staff members pretending to be world leaders,” another royal source said.

The source said Prince Charles even had a staff member ring Theresa May after midnight and have her drive from 10 Downing Street to Buckingham Palace so he could hold one of the regular confidential meetings that only the monarch has with the prime minister.

“Then, despite her need to devote all her time and energy to sorting Brexit, the Prince made Mrs May attend a full-blown ‘state banquet’ he had staff arrange for 150 ‘guests’ — in reality palace staff called in at short notice, many still in their pyjamas,” the source said.

“State banquets are usually reserved for visiting heads of state and can take more than a year to plan and at least five days to physically organise in the palace’s biggest reception room. This one was thrown together in just hours.

“One of the palace gardeners stood in for the guest ‘head of state’ but he wasn’t too sure who he was meant to be, and was totally confused when Charles spent the entire time conversing with him in French.

“Charles demanded Camilla be woken to make a grand entrance with him and she turned up in her nightie (pictured) but promptly fell asleep once the royal pair took their seats.”

cmasilla smokeThe Bug was also told that after the Queen woke the next morning at the nursing home she had a difficult time convincing staff to let her go.

“The new morning shift of nurses were under the impression she was just a delusional or heavily medicated old lady when she tried repeatedly to convince them about her identity,” a nursing home worker said.

“It seems the drugs she was given to settle her down were ‘uppers’, so in the morning she was quite friendly — smiling and laughing with staff, despite her concerns about being locked up, alone, without security staff, and well away from Buckingham Palace.

“It was only when the medication wore off and she became scowling, grumpy, and demanding that staff suddenly believed what she was telling them.”

The Bug understands the Queen left the nursing home, found a horse in a nearby paddock and rode it straight to Buckingham Palace where she called a meeting of palace officials.

At the meeting she appointed Prince Charles to undertake detailed planning for her 100th birthday celebrations in 2026 and for her Diamond Jubilee Year in 2027 marking 75 years on the British throne.