Man struck by Bolt emerges from coma


A northside Brisbane man has finally been discharged from the Prince George Wing of the Prince Charles Hospital after a near-death experience brought on by a column by noted right-wing columnist Andrew Bolt.

Gus Gravelly of Mitchelton had been in a coma in the Chermside hospital’s Princess Charlotte ward for more than a week but surprised doctors and his wife Beryl when he snapped out of it overnight and sat upright in his Princess Eugene shared room. He was resting comfortably at his Geebung home today after a battery of tests showed he was no longer in danger, at least healthwise.

Mr Gravelly, a self-confessed Australian Greens voter, told The Bug he could remember being outraged some days ago by news that churches would be allowed to discriminate against gay students.

“My immediate response was to launch a loud tirade against churches of all persuasions for the comfortable and over-protected position they hold in our society,” he said. “My second response was to declare that if church schools wanted to discriminate in their enrolment policies then they shouldn’t put their hands out for a single cent of federal or state government money.

“They get bucket loads of taxpayer funds shovelled at them but they should get nothing if they are going to discriminate and break key principles of human rights.

“I went to bed quite angry, as my wife will attest. The next morning I picked up the newspaper and read Andrew Bolt’s column, which I usually enjoy just for the sport of shooting holes in his far right wing arguments.

“But there it was in black and white staring back at me. Bolt was saying exactly what I had said: Church schools shouldn’t expect any government funding if they go ahead and discriminate again gay kids.

“I can’t remember a thing since, apart from waking up in a hospital bed overnight with a pounding headache and a bandage wrapped around my skull. I still can’t believe I’ve been in a coma that long.

“My wife told me what happened. Apparently I mumbled something like ‘no, no, no’, then fell to the floor hitting my head on the kitchen table as I went.

“I just can’t believe I was on the same page as Andrew Bolt. The doctor who okayed my discharge says my health is fine, but I’ll need ongoing psychological monitoring,” Mr Gravelly said. “And quite a lot of it, I imagine.

“It’s funny but they say that as you get older you become more conservative. If I thought for one moment I was beginning to think like Andrew Bolt, I’d wish I’d never come out of that coma.”