The people’s verdict: Turnbull’s to blame


A vox pop conducted by The Bug shows conclusively that former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is to blame for recent disasters within the federal Liberal Party including the Wentworth by-election loss.

The Bug took to the streets just north of Brisbane, specifically Gympie Road at Strathpine, and randomly chose a number of people walking past to ask them who they felt was to blame for the instability and massive loss of public confidence that has followed the downfall of Mr Turnbull.

dutton smallbiz SMALL

Dieter Putton aged 47 — small business owner from Strathpine

Turnbull is to blame for trying to respond in reasonable and moderate ways to the demands of the Australian community instead of jumping to the tune of the conservatives in his party and the media.


duttoncop SMALL

Nottud Retep aged 47 — former police officer from Strathpine

When I was a Queensland copper we had lots of grubs like Turnbull who always had this namby pamby view that you should always do what’s right instead of doing what’s far right.


dutton woman SMALL

Mrs Peta D. Utton aged 47 — housewife from    Strathpine

As a woman I never liked Malcolm Turnbull. He was just so weak. I want a strong and forceful leader, someone who’ll lock boat people up — young children included — and throw away the key. It’s the toddlers you have to keep an eye on because they’ll grow up to be the terrorists who’ll threaten our nation’s cherished values including our open and welcoming attitude towards the needy, the vulnerable, and the downtrodden.

duttonfrench SMALL

Pierre Du Tton aged 47 — tourist from Paris, France

Je blamez Monsieur Turnbull pour la storm de merde dans le Partie de Liberal. Il est une hole d’arse.