The perfect dish for Clive

Revenge is a dish best served cold, right?

That’s the best advice I can give to Tanya Plibersek following her incredibly disappointing – nay, can I say stupid! – decision to try to stop one of Clive Palmer’s coal mine projects in Queensland.

Why, Tanya, why! What on earth were you thinking?

For the first time in Australian history, a federal environment minister is seeking to reject a coal mine, in this case Palmer’s project near Rockhampton on the grounds it is likely to damage the Great Barrier Reef. The public has 10 days to comment on the proposal before a decision is finalised.

I know some of you Buggers out there will be applauding this early payback by Labor for the fat cunt’s role back in 2019 in giving us three dreadful, painful, years of Morrison.

But I ask Tanya one more time: why let him know upfront that you and the rest of the Albanese government are out to get him for his key role in helping Morrison limp across the line in 2019?

Why telegraph so early in your term just how much you hate his guts …. and for sure, that’s a helluva lot of hate going on there!

Whatever happened to Paul Keating’s advice to do foes slowly?

Whatever happened to my excellent idea following the May election that all the Albanese government had to do was to immediately send on any request from Palmer – any project approval application under the name of Minerology, Waratah Coal or any of his other businesses – to a five-year assessment process by a parliamentary sub-committee THAT DOES NOT EXIST.

Not that you’d tell the greedy, worker-hating grub any of that.

Lead him on. Think he has hope. Make him pay for that $90 million in shameless, anti-Labor ads back in the 2019 campaign.

Break his heart slowly as he rings up now and then to see how the review process is travelling. “It’s going fine, Mr Palmer. It’s looking good. We’ll let you know.”

Make him waste millions as he works on new projects where he thinks he’s got a chance for success.

Take your time and send him as broke as the former Townsville nickel refinery workers this repulsive arsehole turned his back on and wobbled away from.

That’s the dish I’d like to see served up ever so slowly to Palmer.

Don Gordon-Brown