Green light for Trump series

HOLLYWOOD: The latest revelations from the US Congressional Committee investigating the 6 January 2021 insurrection at the Capitol have helped seal a deal to make a drama series about the Trump administration.

Creator of the popular The West Wing TV series, Aaron Sorkin, said he had been developing the new project to bring to life the story of Donald Trump’s period in the Oval Office.

Mr Sorkin said the most recent shocking testimony by senior White House aide Cassidy Hutchins had helped him secure a deal from producers who up until today had been wavering about investing in the project.

“News that I now have investors ready to sign on the line means I can finalise casting for the key role of Donald Trump,” Sorkin said.

“I’ve already held secret auditions and narrowed the field down to Martin Sheen who’s keen to play a very different President compared with Jed Bartlet, and Clyde, the orangutan who paired with Clint Eastwood in the 1970s caper movie Every Which Way But Loose. (main picture)

“I’m not sure how I’m gonna break it to Marty, but Clyde’s got the edge.”


MELBOURNE: A spokesperson for Qantas has released an update on a family of four who went missing after boarding the QF838 8.15pm service to Darwin from Tullamarine Airport here 10 days ago.

“They are still missing and Qantas will not stop looking until we find them,” the spokesman said.

The family’s luggage arrived safely in Darwin in the early hours of the next day and all four pieces and a pram are still going around and around on carousel 4.


SYDNEY: The Channel 9 employee who wrote the promo for the latest series of Australian Ninja Warrior that began with the words “The greatest contest on earth” has been arrested and charged by the NSW Police’s elite anti-hyperbole squad.

A lengthy prison term is expected if the employee is found guilty as expected.