Dutton rights new policies

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton says his new policy to enable pensioners to work without losing their benefits was originally planned as part of a wider reform package drafted before the Morrison Government’s defeat.

Mr Dutton said since becoming Liberal Party leader after the May federal election he had been personally drafting new Liberal Party policy ideas to take to the 2025 poll to differentiate itself from Labor. (main picture)

“I am taking responsibility for righting our policies as well as writing and presenting them to voters to help them make up their minds to replace the failed, old and tired, left-wing Albanese Government which has simply been in office far too long,” he said.

Mr Dutton this week announced his first new policy – a plan to double the amount pensioners could earn before starting to have their benefits reduced by Centrelink. (pictured)

“This new policy is actually part of a bigger visionary policy package which we were preparing to implement in office,” he explained.

“It was the second part of Scott Morrison’s job-creation proposal to allow 16-year-olds to drive forklifts which was unfortunately abandoned because some woke, lefty, lily-livered state premiers wouldn’t have a bar of it.

“But as I pointed out to Scott at the time, if we were to implement his plan we needed a supporting policy because it was obvious to me that there would have been some collateral damage with children driving forklifts.

“My idea for that second part of the policy was to enable pensioners to take the jobs of any children killed in forklift accidents otherwise industry would soon run out of drivers. That’s where our newest policy on pensioner earnings originated.”

Mr Dutton said job-creation was a focus of his policy development efforts.

“The next new policy I’ll be releasing soon will allow children to go back down the mines, something that will address the potential shortage of workers once the Coalition returns to office and approves more coal mines,” he explained.

“Which reminds me that the failed Albanese Government still hasn’t got a single new coal mine up and running despite being more than a month in office.”

Mr Dutton said his policy work to boost the mining industry would not ignore opportunities for automation or mechanisation.

“I’ll be ensuring that our policy provides the opportunity for mining companies to return to using pit ponies which can also help keep the kiddies amused underground,” he said.