Can anyone trump this?

Most of you BUGgers out there know by now that our tweet-of-the-week judges are drawn naturally to smutty and vulgar posts and deplorable personal attacks on people, politicians preferably.

Every now and then, though, they like to give just a glimpse of the style and class they don’t possess by rewarding creative writing that doesn’t have to resort to naughty words or scatological references for effect.

And so this week’s winner is a chap by the name of Anthony Citrano @acitrano, whose wonderfully crafted putdown (at top and below) of the orange baboon in the US was brought to our attention by Amber @AmberD1116.

Amber thought it was the most accurate description she’s ever seen of the man who will single-handedly halt tourism to America if he ever regains the White House and we couldn’t agree more.

But people who like to use naughty words should not be discouraged by this week’s winning selection. Take, for example normboy562 @normboy562 who came close to sharing the blue riband for this effort on new Opposition Leader Lord Vor… sorry, Peter Dutton.

Dutton is, isn’t he? And “I’m no Japanese sunset”! Bewdiful, self putdown that makes the sledge even more effective.

We’ll get back to Lord V…. sorry … Peter Dutton shortly but first a few with a mainstream media slant. Deb #LeagueOfDifficultWomen… @deborahbrian had a dig at some of the MSM’s finest LNP apologists….

….while in search of integrity @Keep_Dem_Honest went on the attack too as he grabbed some popcorn.

Rick @colonelhogans also had Coorey in the frame….

..before doubling up on general post-election matters with this offering.

Amen to that, Rick. It’s still hard to believe that soccer boys at training everywhere around Oz are now safe.

Another Twitterer taking a deep breath and loving not smelling Morrison in the morning was Politic@l Spinner @LesStonehouse.

Will we ever tire of slipping a knife into the gutted carcass of the Liar from the Shire? Silly rhetorical question!

Or sticking it to a certain ex-Treasurer? Andy Wright-Slava Ukraini @innocent_abroad had this nice play on words for us.

And just a few more on politics to finish up with. TheBlackTracker @TheblackTracker clearly doesn’t mind kicking people when they’re down …..

and Metta Bhavana “the individual in question” #… @MettaBhava provided another of those clever, creative posts our tweet judges are sometimes attracted to for no other reason than to give just a glimpse of the style and class they don’t possess.

Oh, one more, seeing we promised to revisit Lord Vo… sorry, Peter Dutton. All we can say to Jack Flash @jackflack67Jack is that #libspill should always be trending!