Marles orders a rethink

Australia’s new Defence Minister Richard Marles has ordered a reassessment of the military threat posed by China following the recent incident in international air space over the South China Sea in which a Chinese Air Force jet fighter allegedly menaced an RAAF surveillance aircraft.

Mr Marles said he had now had the opportunity to view photos taken by the RAAF aircraft’s crew showing the Chinese jet in close proximity and releasing flares. (main picture)

“Having seen the photographs I have asked the Defence Department analysts to review the latest assessment of China’s military capabilities,” Mr Marles said.


Opposition Leader Peter Dutton says it is a symptom of the Albanese Government’s incompetence that the family of Tamil asylum seekers being returned to their adopted home town of Biolela will not arrive there until the end of the week.

“The Albanese Government has had more than a fortnight to get the Murugappan family back to Biloela yet it has failed to do so,” Mr Dutton said.

“This couple and their two young daughters have been let down badly by the Albanese Government.

“I said when I took over as Opposition Leader that the Albanese Government would fail, and this is yet another prime example of my prediction coming true,” he said.


Fast-food retail chain KFC says it is puzzled at the negative consumer response to its actions to substitute cabbage in its burgers to address a current shortfall and high prices in the lettuce market.

“We are definitely puzzled,” a KFC spokesperson said. “It’s not as if our customers are not familiar with us using products as substitutes in our burgers.

“For a start we’ve been using coloured and flavoured sugar-cane mulch instead of real coleslaw for years.

“In addition, ever since KFC began diversifying and started making and selling burgers we’ve had no complaints about the chicken-like material used in our burger patties.”

When pressed to explain the term “chicken-like material” the spokesperson said he had another call which he had to take urgently and hung up.