Magnificent effort from Maley

Just a few clever words in just one paragraph of an opinion piece have won The Sydney Morning Herald‘s Jacqueline Maley the uncoveted The Bug Media Glass House Arse-Licker award for the month of May.

Our MGH judges were in total awe of Ms Maley’s effort as she effortlessly threw the words “lazy”, “Twitter-focused” and “left” into just the beginning of a paragraph in a piece devoted to pleading with Australians to give Peter Dutton a fair go, largely through his world view gleaned as a Queensland copper.

There’s a lot to unpack over Maley’s choice of words, as Katharine Murphy might say.

So let’s start with “lazy”. Is the left always lazy, or was it just being lazy over its attitude to The Potato with Dead Eyes?

And what “left” is Maley referring to? It can’t be the left in the mainstream media because that barely exists.

She must mean the left in general terms. You know, as in left-wing voters. The ones that have just elected a majority left-wing government. Okay, left-wing’s a bit of a stretch but let’s move on.

And why has this left had to focus on Twitter to get its message across?

We can almost visualise how Maley’s top lip would have curled up in disgust and derision as she typed those key words.

But we ask Maley just a simple question: where should the lazy left have turned to prosecute its case? The mainstream media?

Her paper? Ms Maley herself? The scribe who congratulated Scott Morrison for his leadership during COVID-19?

Should they have turned to Maley’s Nine Entertainment Co. colleagues Phillip Coorey and Chris Uhlmann? Anybody in Newscorpse?

It’s the unsaid parts of her essay that have won her this month’s award. It’s the inference that the people on the left are somehow not as worthy as those on the right. It’s the inference that Australia’s mainstream media was the right and proper place to prosecute any political argument around the 2022 election.

In sneering at those who used Twitter to express their thoughts and progress their arguments, Maley is giving the mainstream media a damned good rimming. She is a MSM arselicker extraordinaire. And in doing that, along with keeping the MSM’s coit sparkly clean, she cleaned up in our monthly award as well.

But as she gives her mouth a good rinse out, Maley should ponder these simple facts surrounding the 2022 federal election: the left won. Twitter won. The right lost. The MSM lost.