Dutton makeover gets Ronni a-Salt-ed!

The Bug‘s tweet of the week judges normal eschew celebrities in selecting winners but they couldn’t go past wonderful writer Ronni Salt @RonniSalt’s attack (above and below) on the mainstream mediocre’s pathetic attempts to humanise incoming Opposition Leader Peter Dutton.

Ronni took particular umbrage at the SMH’s Jacqueline Maley’s claim that Dutton should be given a chance to shine in his new role seeing his time as a Queensland copper had given the Spud with Dead Eyes a “worldview” on things.

Yeah, we know. Risible rubbish from Maley and The Bug in coming days will be taking a deeper look at the MSM-driven push to make Dutton a cuddlier, more loveable person.

Sadly, in a week when we should be focusing on Anthony Albanese’s amazing win in the face of general MSM fuckery, Dutton was the focus of much Twitter chatter, including this effort from proud dad Craig Luttrell @luttrelcraig2.

K4ti3 @Kti34 obviously didn’t get the MSM memo to be kind to Dutton…

… while AuStinkTank @AuStinkTank looked at the possible leadership of the defeated LNP.

Reflecting on the election generally were Devil’s Candidate @devilscandidate, Jo Dyer @instanterudite and Kent Parkstreet @thespecialbka.

Giving the MSM a big slapdown was Tuppence Ha’penny @mrsrockoyster …

… while Tweety – Always was, always will be. @devalara44 picked up a slightly different way of governing under Labor.

Latinista @shamathahaven also wondered what the hell was going on following the 21 May election….

… while John Bevins AM @johnbevins proved that sarcasm remains a very effective literary device with this observation on Lord Downer of the Adelaide Hills.

And finally Dirty Leftie @IxatDats leaves us with this disturbing observation….